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Wall Graphics

Most business owners spend a great deal of time choosing just the right paint color for their office space, the problem is that owners generally choose one or two colors which does not allow much personalization.  A custom designed wall mural may just be the answer to show your creativity.  The mural can be used to communicate the various types of products you offer, increase brand awareness, display the company motto/mission statement, or to simply showcase that really neat photo you took while at your favorite vacation spot.  Wall murals can be full or partial walls and can be done with a variety of materials that allow for removability if necessary.

Let Pathway Signs and Graphics help you create that one of a kind impression.  Contact us now for a free consultation.

We supply all types of businesses, retailers, and restaurants in the Overland Park, Independence, Parkville, Platte City, Liberty, Kearney, Weston, Riverside, and other areas of the Kansas City metropolitan area with unique and custom wall graphics and wall murals.