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Vehicle Graphics Vs. No Mobile Advertising?

Business owners frequently ask if they should use their vehicles for advertising.  Just by adding your company logo, web address and business phone number your business can reach thousands of viewers per day just by driving your vehicle(s) around town doing their day-to-day activities.  Contact Pathway Signs and Graphics to help you get started adding advertising to your vehicles today.

get a bottom-line answer on a marketing or advertising signage-related question. The vehicle graphics vs. no mobile advertising discussion is no exception. The business community wants to know whether a mobile form of advertising can really make the type of difference that would make them take another look at the product.

There are three essential types of non-mobile advertising: billboards, direct mailing or email campaigns, and television or radio ads. All of these ad tools hold promise.  The problems that we see are their built-in limitations.

  • Billboards. You are at the mercy of the placement agency. Depending on what you can afford to spend, you might find your ad message placed in an area that isn’t reaching your target market or on a roadway with construction that is currently not heavily traveled.
  • Direct mailings/email campaigns. Direct mail is usually considered junk mail. Rarely will a consumer take the time to actually read through your ad. The same is true for unsolicited emails.
  • Television/radio ads. Unless you have enough money to snap up a prime time ad spot – perhaps even get a radio-host-read package – your ad will run when very view members of your target demographic are actually listening.

Mind you, all of these advertising tools have merit; but only when you are an already known business within the local community. If you have yet to build name recognition and generate brand awareness, and if you have a limited marketing budget, these ad campaigns do not spend your advertising dollars effectively.

Mobile Advertising: Takes You Where You Want to Go

Let’s look at vehicle graphics. Kansas City consumers are no strangers to these advertising methods.


  • Highly visible. Did you know that just one expertly wrapped vehicle can commandeer between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day?  Impressions are eyeballs. Eyeballs belong to consumers who are taking in your marketing message. These may be motorists who see you vehicle; they may be pedestrians who are walking by a parked work truck. Now imagine how many impressions you could get when you wrap two or more company cars.
  • Very mobile. You know who the target audience for your product or service is because you are usually driving in those locations. Take your marketing message to them whenever and wherever they can be found. You are no longer at the mercy of non-mobile ads. Rather, when you know where your clients are, you take your treated vehicle to them. This ensures that they see your ad, which is not something that you can do with a billboard.
  • Budget-friendly. Television and radio ads are among the highest line items in your budget. Since you do not have to pay a middleman to broadcast your ad, you save this money with wraps. In fact, when comparing the cost per impression, we have found that it is the cheapest when you choose vehicle vinyl wraps.


Call Pathway Signs and Graphics today and we can help you get started making your vehicle or fleet of vehicles great advertising avenues for your business.

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Start 2015 with Great Vehicle Vinyl Lettering!

There is something special about adding fleet graphics to your marketing lineup. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has studied the phenomenon of moving ad content. The organization reveals that about 30 percent of onlookers based at least one recent buying decision on marketing content they saw while commuting. When you consider that just one fleet vehicle has the potential of generating about 70,000 views in one day, you cannot help but feel the enormity of the opportunity that is knocking.

Whether your business requires a fleet of cars, trucks, vans or cargo vans you can brand your fleet and use the space you have on your vehicles for marketing. Depending on the type of vehicle(s) your business is using you can add stripes that visually help to separate the dimensions of the motor vehicle, the company logo, company name, phone number and web site are great information to add to each of the business vehicles. You can add information to the front doors and repeat the information on the rear portion of the vehicle. As a result, motorists and passersby now always know who is on the job at the construction site.


Would you like this type of graphics package for your vehicle? Consider the following:

  • Customized decal and lettering package.If you are stumped with respect to what should be included in your lettering and graphics, talk to Pathway Signs and Graphics and we will generate ideas and draw them out for you to review. We can help you reduce the information so that only the most important data is added to the automobile.
  • Attractive look that works with your vehicle. Whether you have large truck or an older smaller model, we can work with your vehicle. We adjust the sizing of the display to the size of your truck, work with its lines and adjust graphics seams accordingly.
  • Cost effective.When you brand and market with your work vehicle, you attract attention. When you attract attention, your company’s name recognition goes up. This, in turn, can increase your income. In short, lettering and graphics are a cost-effective means of generating new business.

Of course, there are other options as well. For example, if you want to go beyond the lettering and the decals, you could add a partial wrap to your truck or van. A partial wrap allows you to still display your information like you would with the lettering, but now you also add a colorful display to the sides that makes the vehicle easy to pick out in traffic. The most important design is to make sure you business name, phone number and/or webiste is very visible and easy to read for a passerby.


When you really want to catch attention and change the look of your fleet vehicles, choose a full wrap. The colorful design completely encompasses your vehicle. An optional window perf makes good use of the rear and side windows. This is the setup to pick when you are new to the business or the local business community. Nothing will lead to name recognition faster than an artistically designed and professionally installed full wrap that also features your company’s information. Add some social media icons so that consumers can find you and interact with you on the various platforms.

Call Pathway Signs and Graphics today and we can help you get started on adding great vehicle graphics to your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.  What a great way to start 2015!

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How to Advertise with Vehicle Vinyl Lettering

Full car wraps demand attention from both motorists and pedestrians, but did you know that you can also get your car noticed by opting for vehicle vinyl lettering?  In fact, when you advertise with vehicle lettering, there is a good chance that you can increase the odds of beating your competition, which is important if you are just starting out in business or are trying to grow your business. This form of advertising also helps you build your brand and reach your target market, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year – even when your vehicle is parked!

At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we specialize in the truck lettering Kansas City area business owners have come to rely on. Whether you have a van, full-sized truck, SUV, trailer, box truck or a fleet of vehicles, we can add your message to these automobiles and get your mobile marketing campaign started.

Reasons for Choosing Vinyl Letters

Vinyl letters are less expensive than partial or full vehicle wraps. It’s easier to dedicate a portion of your advertising budget to vehicle or fleet lettering and still be able to invest in other advertising platforms. This lettering nevertheless generates a great return for your dollars spent. You get noticed, you begin building brand awareness and you take your message across town.

DryBasement2Understanding the Product

When Pathway Signs and Graphics designs, prints and installs your vinyl lettering, you receive a top-quality product that is durable and lasts up to five years – or more!  Our letters do not peel or fade like the old die-cut letters used to in the past. In fact, we rely on products made by Avery and 3M, two companies with strong reputations for excellent material quality.

Taking Advantage of the Ad Space on Any Automobile

Where is the best location for vinyl lettering?  Depending on the functionality of your vehicle(s) or fleet vehicles, you may find that the back window – for a hatchback – or the side doors are great canvases. If your vehicle fleet includes vans, consider the back doors that offer a broad surface. Doors and even hoods make great locations for the lettering.

Van Lettering

Van Lettering

Developing the Marketing Message

So, what should you communicate with the help of the vinyl letters?  Don’t go overboard and make your message look cluttered or hard to read.  If you are brief you could miss out on a great marketing opportunity.  Adding the right information in the space you have isn’t always easy.  Here are some suggestions that highlight information you might want to include on your vehicles:

  • Business name. Never omit your company name. Building name recognition means consistently displaying your company name wherever you go.
  • Logos. Adding a logo supports brand awareness building. The same is true for mottos and slogans.
  • Phone number. Pick the phone number you want your customers to use. If you have multiple offices, consider a toll-free number that potential clients can call to speak to a company rep.
  • Areas of expertise. If you are a landscaper and have a business name that identifies you as such, add an area of expertise. For example, let onlookers know that you specialize in tree trimming or landscaping maintenance.
  • Web Page.  If you have web page that isn’t too long add that to your vehicle because this is one of your greatest advertising tools where a potential customer can find out more about your business.
  • Business address. It is only important to add an address if this is a location where you welcome customers. A landscaper does not usually need to list a business address. A wallpaper retailer, on the other hand, should always list where the store’s location so clients can come to their stores to check out wallpaper options.
  • Social media information. If you have a strong Facebook presence, let folks know where they can find you on the site. If you prefer to do your interactions via Twitter, be sure to add this information as well.

It is clear vehicle vinyl lettering works extremely well for any type of Kansas City area business. This is a very effective way of getting out your message on a budget.  Why not market like the big guys – but with a much more modest expenditure? Contact Pathway Signs and Graphics today for more information on vinyl lettering and let us show you how we can help you get your message out to all the consumers in your target market.

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