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Vehicle Graphics Vs. No Mobile Advertising?

Business owners frequently ask if they should use their vehicles for advertising.  Just by adding your company logo, web address and business phone number your business can reach thousands of viewers per day just by driving your vehicle(s) around town doing their day-to-day activities.  Contact Pathway Signs and Graphics to help you get started adding advertising to your vehicles today.

get a bottom-line answer on a marketing or advertising signage-related question. The vehicle graphics vs. no mobile advertising discussion is no exception. The business community wants to know whether a mobile form of advertising can really make the type of difference that would make them take another look at the product.

There are three essential types of non-mobile advertising: billboards, direct mailing or email campaigns, and television or radio ads. All of these ad tools hold promise.  The problems that we see are their built-in limitations.

  • Billboards. You are at the mercy of the placement agency. Depending on what you can afford to spend, you might find your ad message placed in an area that isn’t reaching your target market or on a roadway with construction that is currently not heavily traveled.
  • Direct mailings/email campaigns. Direct mail is usually considered junk mail. Rarely will a consumer take the time to actually read through your ad. The same is true for unsolicited emails.
  • Television/radio ads. Unless you have enough money to snap up a prime time ad spot – perhaps even get a radio-host-read package – your ad will run when very view members of your target demographic are actually listening.

Mind you, all of these advertising tools have merit; but only when you are an already known business within the local community. If you have yet to build name recognition and generate brand awareness, and if you have a limited marketing budget, these ad campaigns do not spend your advertising dollars effectively.

Mobile Advertising: Takes You Where You Want to Go

Let’s look at vehicle graphics. Kansas City consumers are no strangers to these advertising methods.


  • Highly visible. Did you know that just one expertly wrapped vehicle can commandeer between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day?  Impressions are eyeballs. Eyeballs belong to consumers who are taking in your marketing message. These may be motorists who see you vehicle; they may be pedestrians who are walking by a parked work truck. Now imagine how many impressions you could get when you wrap two or more company cars.
  • Very mobile. You know who the target audience for your product or service is because you are usually driving in those locations. Take your marketing message to them whenever and wherever they can be found. You are no longer at the mercy of non-mobile ads. Rather, when you know where your clients are, you take your treated vehicle to them. This ensures that they see your ad, which is not something that you can do with a billboard.
  • Budget-friendly. Television and radio ads are among the highest line items in your budget. Since you do not have to pay a middleman to broadcast your ad, you save this money with wraps. In fact, when comparing the cost per impression, we have found that it is the cheapest when you choose vehicle vinyl wraps.


Call Pathway Signs and Graphics today and we can help you get started making your vehicle or fleet of vehicles great advertising avenues for your business.

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Brand your Fleet with Vehicle Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

There is something special about adding fleet graphics to your marketing lineup. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has studied the phenomenon of moving ad content. The organization reveals that about 30% of onlookers based at least one recent buying decision on marketing content they saw while commuting. When you consider that just one fleet vehicle has the potential of generating about 70,000 views in one day, you cannot help but feel the huge opportunity that is knocking.

 Plenty of business owners are beginning to realize that static advertising is no longer sufficient. Pathway Signs and Graphics is getting many phone calls inquiring about vinyl lettering and graphics for fleets. A great example is Dry Basement Foundation Repair serving Kansas City, Des Moines, Columbia, Springfield and Columbia.  Dry Basement Foundation Repair provides waterproofing methods for basement water seepage or flooding.  Founded in 1975 they have become one of the top basement foundation repair and waterproofing companies in the Kansas City area.

We outfitted several different Dry Basement vehicles with the company name and logo. Building brand awareness is a critical part of the mobile marketing method, and having your logo and company name proudly displayed is very important to create your business brand. If your company fleet vehicles are predominantly white in color, you can break up the large surface with a horizontal stripe that is the same color as the logo. It is also important to add the website and telephone number. You can display any part of this information on the doors, hood or back window of the vehicles.

If you are ready to brand your fleet vehicles with vinyl lettering or need to update your current graphics, Pathway Signs and Graphics can help.


Save money.      Whether you are starting out with your first fleet vehicle or are in need of lettering for an already established fleet, vinyl lettering is less expensive than full car wraps. Budget friendly and effective, this marketing solution takes your plain cars, vans or trucks and makes them memorable and catches the attention of passing cars or pedestrians.

Long lasting.      Today’s vinyl lettering is very different from the products that were used even a decade ago.  The letters are durable and made from heavy-duty vinyl.  They resist fading and even withstand years of changing weather conditions without peeling.

Adaptable.      There are many colors available.  If your fleet vehicles are a dark color, we can use plenty of bright colors that not only contrast nicely from the paint job but also complement your logo. Even if you have large trucks, vehicle lettering can still be used to add your brand to your fleet.  We know how to maximize the lettering approach to draw the eye to your ad content without the need for multiple graphics.

Don’t put off your vehicle fleet branding.  Referring back to the research done by the OAAA, did you know that a high-end partial wrap or vinyl lettering approach only costs about $0.77 per 1,000 impressions?   Start advertising with an effective and inexpensive method and use vehicle graphics or lettering.  It is time for your fleet to become recognizable on the streets of Kansas City!

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How Can I Streamline All My Business Signage Needs in Kansas City?

The goal of most businesses is to present a seamless presentation to potential customers, pedestrians, motorists and current customers.  As a business owner you want your brand to be recognized.  How Can I Streamline All My Business Signage Needs in Kansas City?

Uses and Needs

Why do you need business signage and where will it be used?  Some common needs and uses include:

Brand recognition – When logos and colors are created uniformly your custom business signs will increase the potential for brand recognition.  Onlookers begin to automatically associate the look and feel of a graphic with the name and product of the business.  Have you ever noticed that young kids that can’t read know Barbie, Disney and McDonalds?  They aren’t reading the actual letters in the signs but recognizing the font and color of the letters.

Curb appeal – The exterior of the business property is uncluttered.  This also translates to the inside when the passerby is close enough to see in the window(s) or when they enter the front door(s).  The signage complements other marketing materials, which affects a uniform look and is visually pleasing.

Marketing advantage – Having a streamlined signage look helps with overall marketing techniques.  Flyers, photo ads  or television spots require little in the way of staging since all the right signage is in place.  Customers are comfortable with the brand because you have created uniformity and familiarity.

Types of Commercial Signage

On the other side of the equation are the businesses that are presenting a mix of marketing materials.  These are the business signs in Kansas City that mix and match handwritten signage with printed banners from a wide variety of printers and sign creators. While there is a charm to the handmade approach that works well for a number of companies, the fact is that it can detract from the professional appearance of other businesses. Digital color matching in all your commercial signage needs is a necessary must to increase the success of your brand recognition.

Pathway Signs and Graphics is your visual branding solution expert for business signage in the Kansas City area. We understand that each company has different needs and budgets to work within, so we offer a variety of options.


Dimensional Letters

Available in a wide variety of fonts, sizes and colors, these letters are excellent for lobbies and reception areas. When lit from the side or below, the play of light and shadows can produce a dramatic effect that is not lost on customers and clients.


Window Signs

Add a handmade touch to your signage without compromising the integrity of your brand message. Temporary signs attach with little more than static cling. These kinds of signs are perfect for promotion and the introduction of new products. Custom business window signage is also great for permanent visuals where the use of vinyl adhesives keeps letters and symbols securely in place for months or years.


Monument Signs

These signs are outside of your building greeting motorists and pedestrians. Frequently, they are the first signs anyone notices when driving or walking near your office or business. Some will generate new business for you while others ensure that those searching for you can easily locate your address. These durable signs can last for years and do not require painting. This is a popular choice to business owners to display the business name and logo, but do not want to have a lot of maintenance to manage.


ADA Compliant Signs

ADA signs are perfect for lobbies and entryways. They satisfy the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide Braille and reflective properties for those clients and customers who require additional assistance.



Vehicle Wraps, Graphics and Vinyl Lettering

Create a mobile marketing billboard in the Kansas City area by installing custom vehicle wraps, graphics or vinyl lettering on company vehicles. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet, these types of advertising turn your vehicles into 24/7 moving advertisements that never stop marketing, even when parked.

Streamline your signage needs by working with one experienced printer and sign maker. By collaborating with an expert on current and future sign needs, you prevent your signage from displaying mismatched colors and clashing fonts. Our experts will gladly sit down with you or your company’s representative to discuss your signage needs and marketing strategy. Pathway Signs and Graphics can devise a collection of signs that tastefully assists you with branding and name recognition.

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Choosing a Truck Lettering Company in the Kansas City Area

veh_boxtruckwrapIf you are a business owner or marketing manager in the Kansas City area, you already know the value of great branding. Perhaps you have already been considering the benefits of mobile billboards such as van wraps or vinyl lettering and how you can get thousands of impressions each day by having your branding on the side of your truck. After making the decision to pursue vinyl lettering for your company’s trucks, how do you go about choosing the right truck lettering company in the Kansas City area? Here are some questions to consider and tips on picking the right graphics company for your business, organization or institution.

What’s your first impression?

How was the initial consultation? Was the company knowledgeable? There is something to be said for all-around customer service as a opposed to ordering vinyl letters online and having to attempt instillation yourself.  Nothing worse than having to go back and reorder letters because directions were confusing or the alignment is off kilter.  Pathway Signs and Graphics will not just give you a price quote, but help you understand the entire process.

Ask about the Vinyl lettering process.

The last thing that you want is a cookie-cutter proposal for your single truck or fleet. The right Kansas City area truck lettering company will do more than ask the basics.

  • TheCleanTeamVinylLetteringUnderstanding your business or organization – What is your company’s vision? What do your current marketing materials look like? What are your expectations for the vinyl lettering?
  • Ideas and more ideas! – We make you as much a part of the process as you would like to be. Do you have a vision for the truck? Have you seen something out there that you would like to try? Your ideas will not fall on deaf ears. We will keep you involved from the get go.
  • Excellent Customer Service – You will want a graphics company that doesn’t disappear after estimates are approved. We will keep in touch and also encourage you to call with any questions.
  • Using top quality materials – Be sure to ask any potential truck lettering companies about the materials they use. At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we partner with well known companies like Avery and 3M for superior vinyl products. We also know the latest industry offerings. You will want a company that keeps up with the newest innovations.
  • Installation – As we stated above, ordering vinyl letters online may be a quick option, but DIY projects are not always as easy as they seem Having an experience company install your truck lettering and graphics saves your time and energy and also ensures it will be done correctly the first time.
  • More trucks? –  After a few months or a year, you decide to add more trucks, we will be able to provide the same quality product and design.
  • References – What do other customers say about the company? Other satisfied customers are a predictor of you having similar results.
  • Service Areas – Find a company local to you! Pathway Signs and Graphics serves the greater Kansas City area including, Weston, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Platte City, Liberty and Gladstone.

As you decide how to spend your marketing dollars in 2014, consider adding vinyl letters to your truck or fleet. Be sure to think about the truck lettering company’s process and if they are the right fit for you. Pathway Signs and Graphics is happy to walk you through our process and help you with any of your car or truck graphic and lettering needs.


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