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Business Benefits of Outdoor Advertising in Kansas City

What is the first thing you think about when someone talks about outdoor advertising? Are you thinking of banners, building signs and similar marketing tools? Don’t forget about one of the biggest marketing opportunities your business has – vehicle vinyl lettering and graphics.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising in Kansas City

What  this advertising tool apart from other signage solutions is clear.


Broadcast your message and business on your automobile wherever you drive or park around town using vehicle vinyl lettering or graphics. This is a great way to compliment your store and office front banners and building signs. If you have business to do across town and take your vehicle, your marketing message is going with you.



With this form of outdoor advertising, it is easy to target your demographic. You can put your message, brand and company name in front of your target market while you use your vehicle(s) for their day-to-day business purpose.

Name Recognition

You want consumers to know the name of your company and then recognize it when they see it again somewhere. By taking the information on the road, you actively facilitate name recognition.

Brand Awareness

Once you have succeeded in having folks recognize your company’s name, it is time to build brand awareness. This is the moment when shoppers put together your name with the product or service that you offer. The response becomes almost instant. Once again, use your vehicles as an asset in your marketing plan.

Mobile outdoor marketing makes it possible to take your message to the largest audience possible. You can choose to add vinyl lettering, a partial vehicle wrap or a full vehicle wrap. Kansas City members of the business community have had great success with colorful graphics and getting their brand and company noticed all around town. These graphics are generally the visual hooks that catch your attention and once you have the attention then it is easy for the lettering to provide the information needed.

Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you design a great looking solution for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles that fits within your budget and makes sense on how long you keep your vehicles in your fleet.

Of course, if you like the idea of adding non-mobile advertising to your storefront as well, we can help you with those signs, also. Whether you are thinking of doing a seasonal display or want something that is in place year-round and provides a strong advertising message to consumers of all demographics, we have just the right product line that we can customize for you.

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How to Choose a Truck Lettering Company in Kansas City

Kansas City is home to many courier and delivery services. There are many delivery vans and trucks for retailers and service providers that are on the streets of Kansas City also.  Making the most out of every time your business vehicles are out on the streets is a clever and cost effective use of your business’ marketing budget.  At Pathway Signs and Graphics we can help you outfit your trucks to stand out so your business is noticed on the streets of Kansas City.

When you add vehicle vinyl lettering, you are building brand awareness and increasing name recognition for your business on a daily basis.  So, how do you go about choosing the right truck lettering company Kansas City area business owners can trust?

An Internet Business or a Full Service Provider?

Is the company you are considering an online-only product provider?  With an online-only provider a lot of the imagination and vision for a great look for your van or truck is left up to you. A question to ask yourself is do you have the technical expertise to apply the lettering so that you can get about five years of consistent use – without peeling – out of the advertising? Do you know how to prepare your vehicle for best adhesion? How do you prevent air bubbles from forming? If something goes wrong while you are applying the vinyl, is there someone who can come out to help you?

Unless you choose a full service provider like Pathway Signs and Graphics, the answer is probably “no.”  An online-only marketer will get you the lettering, but you will have little or no help when it comes to a professional application of the product.  Choosing a lettering company in Kansas City should therefore start with the service level they provide.  The more services the sign shop offers, the better your experience will be.

A Multi-Step Approach to Customization

Generic lettering is not the best way to capture the consumer’s attention and spend your marketing dollars. A better approach is to work with a full service sign provider who will learn about your business, your target demographic and the vehicles you need truck lettering installed.  A full service shop will have the tools to truly customize an approach for you and make your fleet vehicles stand out.

  • Personalized approach. Look for a company that sends out a trained customer service representative. This individual is the liaison between your business and the sign lettering company.
  • Exceptional materials. Work with someone who uses only the best vinyl raw materials. The better the raw materials, the less likely you are to experience peeling or fading.
  • Professional installation. There is a lot more to installing your vinyl letters or decals than peeling them off a backing and sticking them onto a truck’s surface. Perfectly straight lines, aesthetically pleasing designs and a professional touch comes from experience and training.There is no substitute for having a professional do the job right the first time around to make your marketing investment get a great return. As a business owner or manager, you already know how tough it can be to catch the consumer’s attention, so why compromise when it comes to the vehicles your customers – and potential customers – see on the streets every day? Ensure that your presentation is flawless. Call us today to set up the time for us to come out and take a look at your vehicles so we can help your vehicles get noticed around Kansas City.

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