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Need More Info on Aluminum and Metal Laminate Lobby Signs?

Choosing aluminum or a metal laminate for your business’ interior can create a professional atmosphere to set the stage for a customer or client’s expectations. Lobby signs in particular reflect on the brand identity of your company and a great atmosphere can set the backdrop for successful interactions with your customers and clients. An aluminum lobby signs in your Kansas City business are a cost-effective method of creating a sleek reception area branded with your company logo.  Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you make a great impression in your Lobby.

Flattering Differences!

Flat-cut aluminum can be used to create individual letters that reflect the typeface of your company’s name. The thickness of the letter depends on your preference. We can go from 1/8th of an inch to ½ inches. After cutting the letters in the desired height, thickness and font, we polish them to smooth out any edges. Depending on your preference the letters can either be brushed with a matte finish or coated with polyurethane enamel for color. Since these letters are usually very lightweight, they are easy to mount directly to your lobby’s wall.

Metal laminate lobby signs for Kansas City are the preferred choice for service providers. Examples include attorneys, physicians, accountants, investment bankers and anyone who wants to portray a sophisticated image with a hint toward the longevity of the company. The substrate for the metal is usually acrylic or foam, but PVC is also a good choice. You have the option of choosing a thickness between ½ inches to two inches. We cut the laminate to perfectly fit on the substrate, which we then paint to match the metal’s color. The result is a letter that mimics the look of solid metal but is actually quite a bit cheaper to make.

Installing Your Signs

No matter which material you pick, there are several options. Many customers prefer the individual metal laminate or aluminum letter that are installed by mounting them to the wall, but another choice is to have the letters mounted on a substrate. This adds the opportunity to turn a sophisticated sign into an avant-garde display for your front office. Choose glass to heighten the effect of aluminum. Acrylic works great with the foam substrate. Still another option is the mounting of thin metal strips to a metal sheet that is then attached to a substrate.

Aluminum and Metal Laminate Lobby Signs Both Great Choices!

As you can see, the options increase whenever you add new materials to the mix. Since the use of mixed-material lobby signs is coming into fashion and has taken the Kansas City business community by storm, you can now see great results when you mix and match materials for pronounced branding, heightened name awareness and impressive marketing. Getting started on your own order is as easy as giving our experienced lobby signage experts a call.

We discuss your reception area’s look and desired décor with you. For customers who are uncertain about the look and feel of a material, we usually schedule an appointment to see samples, which helps with the decision-making process. Finally, we create some sketches that best reflect your instructions. Once we have succeeded in meeting your vision for the sign, we manufacture and install it. It is really that easy!

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Impress with a New Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign

Making the right impression right away is a must when installing lobby signs for your Kansas City business. As a business owner you want your lobby to express your brand immediately with confidence and while also conveying warmth and compassion. If your company is expanding or moving it could be the perfect time to make sure your interior signage has a modern new look. Make sure you make a great impression with a new dimensional letter lobby sign.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics we produced multiple proofs with different materials and fabrication methods to give you the opportunity to choose exactly the right look for your existing or new office.

It All Begins with a Site Survey

We visit your office and take in the atmosphere of your setting. Even if the office is not yet finished, we can get an idea of the setup of the lobby, the choice of wall colors and the combination of furniture and fabrics. This helps us to present you with ideas that take the unique qualities of your location into account.

Sketches Offer Visual Choices

Would you prefer a dimensional letter sign? Do you wish for a wall mural? Perhaps you would like a sign that is mounted to an acrylic board? Give us feedback so that we know when we are on the right track for the signage that appeals to you and your business the most.

Material Selection Comes Next

Metal or acrylic laminate, foam or plastic are all good choices. Depending on the nature of your business, you might think about something that is a bit more extraordinary. Examples include markers made from wood, stone or glass. This is also a good time to consider the use of unusual signage-making techniques such as routing. Now is also the time to select the colors and decide whether the finishing coat should be matte or glossy. When you have made your selections, we will manufacture your customized lobby sign.

Installation Pulls it All Together

Our installers will visit your location and put up your new lobby sign. We ensure that is the installation is according to your specifications.

Aren’t you ready for a new, refreshing look to your lobby with a new dimensional sign for your lobby. Give Pathway Signs and Graphics a call today to get started!

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How to use your Kansas City Lobby Signs as a Powerful Branding Tool

Your company name and logo shape the impression that your business makes on the public and you have spent hours in designing the best look. Will you come across as traditional, trustworthy, economical, innovate or as something else? Lobby signs for Kansas City businesses function in much the same way.

Pathway Signs and Graphics uses your typeface and logo that you have created and used in your exterior signage and brings the same look inside.

Material Usage Underscores the Desired Impression

This is your moment to market to visiting clients or those who are evaluating your business for a possible professional relationship. Metal conveys the message of longevity of your company and wood highlights its commitment to values. Flat acrylics highlight the innovative nature of your business. Formed plastic and foam showcase artistic qualities.

Color Choice Equals Leadership in Your Industry

When you are willing to have a lobby sign that catches attention you immediately identify yourself as a Kansas City business leader who is unafraid to take a risk. Another great attention getting lobby sign is layering acrylics and dimensional lettering with proper illumination are two ways to communicate your brand to consumers.

Customization Supports Branding

Building name and brand awareness are the main goals of proper signage, and your lobby sign is no exception. Placing the letters and an angle and installing lighting fixtures to use light and shadows is one aspect of customization at the point of install. Choosing unique colors and creating a mix of matte and glossy finishes on the sign is an example of customization at manufacturing. There are so many different ways of making your Kansas City lobby sign stand out and unique! The sign, which nobody else can hang into their business offices, brands your company.

Once you have chosen the right look, consider your display choices. Do you want to paint the wall where you intend to hang the lobby sign or do you want to wallpaper it? Perhaps you decide that a wall mural makes will complete your visual branding in the lobby area. The combination of signage and murals can be a powerful one, particularly when you have the mural customized to include your branding and marketing message. There are quite a few entrepreneurs who are choosing to combine the look of a symbol with a logo for a mural. When this mural serves as the backdrop for the lobby sign, you have one of the most powerful branding tool combinations that you can place into your space.

There are many choices to customize your lobby with your visual branding solutions. At Pathway Signs and Graphics we help our clients to think through the message that they want to send to the consumer first before choosing materials or finishes. We will help your business determine the best method for communicating your message effectively. When you are ready to create or upgrade your lobby with excellent branding, call us; or click below for a free quote!


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Customized Lobby Signs for your Kansas City Business

You want your lobby sign to be up to date, stylish, and leave a lasting impression on your clients long after they have left your office.  The problem is making sure your lobby sign is leaving the right, not the wrong impression.  Quite often business owners will get caught up in the more is better approach for business signs.  Meaning the more they spend, the more colors they have, more text they write, and the more creative designs they try to incorporate the better the message will be delivered.  However, when it comes to business signage owners really need to remember less is more.  At Pathway Signs and Graphics we consult with our clients and help them through the process of designing appropriate business signage to match their corporate image.

Customizing Your Lobby Signs

Did you know you can use the same corporate graphic and make it convey a different visual message just by the materials you use in the manufacturing process?  The office sign below uses a high definition vinyl print along with colored vinyl lettering applied directly to the wall surface.  This sign is primarily viewed by employees who are entering the office from the rear entrance of the building.








The sign below is manufactured from a combination of 1-inch thick black foam sign letters and a high definition vinyl print to provide a custom 3-D effect.  The sign is mounted to the wall in the office lobby but because the letters stand off the wall this creates a more custom look thus creating a mental image of more creativity and higher price.   Just the image the client wants to project when prospective clients and employees enter through the front door.








Make a Great First Impression with your Lobby Signs

The signs below are made from metal faced acrylic sign letters.  These office signs were manufactured for Retirement Concepts Group and the Law Offices of Bortnick, McKeon, and Sakoulas located in downtown Kansas City.

Both of these lobby signs convey an upscale professional image. The designs are fairly simple incorporating their logo or the names of the partners. It is the materials that lend dimension and texture thus creating the sense ofsolid and skilled professionalism.

We have all heard the expression, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” The same applies to business signs and especially lobby signs. Michael Bedner, chairman and CEO of Hirsch Bedner Associates, says, “Lobbies have the power to charm, dazzle, and entice you. Guests’ impressions of what they are about to experience both start and end with the lobby. That’s why lobby design—the visual images, the total sensory experience—is so important.”

So if you are looking to add, replace, or maybe update your lobby signs contact Pathway Signs and Graphics and let us help you “Build your Brand one Sign at a Time.” We provide our services to the greater Kansas City metropolitan area including Gladstone, Parkville, North Kansas City, Smithville, Platte City, and Overland Park in Kansas.

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Why Invest in Custom Business Signs?

Why settle for the generic signage that you can buy at any office supply store? Many businesses have the “open” and “closed,” “store hours,” “directory” and “sale” signs. These mass produced signs are very inexpensive. Not surprisingly, many new retailers have eyed these signs and considered how much money could be saved simply by buying the generic versions.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we frequently get questions about the many uses of custom business signs that are made to order for an individual company. To make your buying decision a bit easier, we have compiled a number of questions and answers that explain the reasoning behind investing in the best custom business signs in the Kansas City area.

Q: Do signs accomplish more than just pointing the way to a location or identifying the name of a business?

A: Yes they do. International Sign Association (ISA) states that signs perform vital marketing functions and are crucial for wayfinding as well as name identification. In addition to being a driving force for name and logo recognition, signs also influence the company’s image perceived by the consumer. Modern, eye-catching and new signage communicates thought leadership and trendsetting to the consumer.

Q: Everyone in the neighborhood knows where to find me and what I sell. Why do I need signage?

A: Researchers have discovered that about 85% of any business’ customer base lives in a five-mile radius of the company’s venue. Census figures reveal that more than 18% of Americans move each year and you don’t want to miss these potential customers. If you do not advertise your presence and inventory, you stand to lose about 18% of revenue-generating consumers each year. Can you afford to stay in business when newcomers to the neighborhood do not find out about you?

Q: Everything is being automated; what is the point of investing in freestanding, channel letter or lobby signs?

A: While it is true that automation continues to reach more aspects of business, remember that you want to court the online customer in the same way that you go after the onsite consumer. Keeping the look and feel of the online and onsite stores the same is going to be a critical aspect of building name recognition and brand awareness. If your online displays do not mimic your store signs, you may lose customers who are looking for you. You advertise, build brand awareness and work hard at encouraging the impulse purchase. Another new type of sign is the digital sign and according to Retail Customer Experience experts have shown that digital signage is a direction that most retailers will soon embrace.

Invest in high-quality store signage today so that you can make sure your onsite store has a fresh, modern look to build your brand and stay in tune with your website.

Q: There are so many different options. Which ones are the best?

A: This is where customization truly shines. Whether you choose to set up menu boards, directories, digital banners, a-frames or monument signs, you select the signage style that appeals to you and your customer base the most. At Pathway Signs and Graphics we work with you to determine your specific needs and budget to help you make the best decisions for all of your visual branding needs.

We’ve given you the reasons why you need to invest in signage, so give us a call today and we would be happy to help you design your new business signage.

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How to Welcome Customers in Kansas City with Custom Lobby Wall Signs

All business can benefit from great looking lobby and reception signs, whether your business is in a standalone building, in an office complex or an entire floor of an office building. Lobby and reception signs are brand building tools and also help clients find you and feel welcome once inside. Custom lobby wall signs have many other benefits also for every Kansas City area company.

Welcoming and Branding Tool

Don’t greet your clients with blank walls in your lobby area that don’t make them feel welcomed. Just like your business window or glass door signs that direct clients into your offices, make sure you have great looking lobby signs that include your logo and company name—even your corporate motto.

Welcoming customers into your lobby or reception area is a must-do for all businesses whether they are located in Kansas City, Overland Park, Independence, Lee’s Summit, Gladstone or Riverside.

In addition, adding reception area signs that consistently match other marketing materials like your website, letterhead and brochures is essential in business branding. defines branding as “The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.” Your brand is what you sell or the service you offer. It also encompasses your corporate vision and mission. A brand is everything from the product or service you sell to the way you handle customer service to how your business stands out from competitors. Take a look at the lobby sign below:

Don’t blend into your building complex full of many businesses, use lobby signs that include the business name with the typography (font) you use in other advertising and marketing methods to help strengthen your brand. A bland wall with some boilerplate office art doesn’t brand you, nor does it make you unique from all the other offices in the building.


Lobby Wall Signs Are More than Letters

There are more to custom lobby wall and reception signs than letters. A sign that includes your recognizable logo goes a long way in instantly informing clients who you are—and what you do. Take a look at the marketing business lobby sign below:


It shows the name of the business, its logo and reveals the company logo: “Measurable Cleaning.  Guaranteed Results.” Using a combination of elements within your reception and lobby signs helps to grow your brand faster.

Brand Building With Abstract Symbols

Some big corporations are recognized by the uniqueness of their corporate letters. ABC or NBC television networks are an example—so is IBM. If your business uses letter symbols in the same way, a lobby wall sign that recreates that symbol helps consumers instantly connect with what you do. The lobby sign below shows an example:



They may see your ads on television or in the newspaper and because consumers remember the graphics they see, placing lobby letter symbols that match your ads, helps with instant recognition.

Connect Your Business with More than One Brand

Some businesses in the Kansas City area sell many brands. Examples of these types of businesses are hair or beauty salons, auto parts stores, car dealerships, etc. Lobby wall signs can be designed to reveal all of the brands you carry and also include your business name. You can use a lobby sign or custom wallpaper to display the different brands of products your business sells.


Add Lobby Sign Enhancements

Along with your Kansas City area reception signs, you can even go a step further. Installing directional signs on doors is a great way for clients to find their way around your business. Examples include restroom and conference room signs, exit signs and other door signs that direct clients to various departments within your offices.

These directional signs can also include a scaled-down version of your logo and even utilize braille so they are ADA compliant.

Pathway Signs and Graphics is committed to helping Kansas City area businesses turn their reception areas into something that helps in brand building. We work with our customers to design and install the best lobby signs. We cater to local businesses and enjoy creating hometown B2B partnership.

Contact Pathway Signs and Graphics today and we will help your business enrich your business with custom lobby wall signs.

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What Can Lobby Signs Do For Your Kansas City Business?

Almost every retail business or professional service company has a lobby or reception area. If you are a business owner in the Kansas City area, take a look at your lobby/reception area. Does it brand your business? Can customers easily tell who you are and what you do?  If not, it’s time to invest in lobby signs. Here are the five top reasons why you should consider lobby signs.

Business Branding

Corporate logos and custom lettering used consistently in marketing campaigns help to build brand recognition. Whether your business is in Kansas City, Overland Park, Independence, Lee’s Summit, Gladstone, or Parkville, lobby signs that match your website and other promotional materials (brochures, letterhead, business cards and website) help consumers recognize your brand.

95 percent of people remember the graphics they see.  Lobby signs for Kansas City area business owners are a brand building, visual marketing tool. Lobby signs can be made with custom lettering, graphics or a combination of both.

Shows Professionalism and Builds Confidence            

Today’s consumers want to spend their disposable income at businesses and professional service organizations that are not only proficient at what they do but also those that offer outstanding customer service. If your lobby or reception area is void of lobby signs, adding a lobby sign will boost your professionalism and consumer trust.

Pathway Signs and Graphics designs lobby signs using many types of materials including metal, formed plastic, flat acrylic and foam. With all of these choices, we help our Kansas City area business owners choose the best type of material to create reception signs that stand out, are attractive, and boost consumer confidence.

Clients Find You Easier

If your company sits inside a large office building on a busy main street, lobby and reception signs help your clients know they have found the right office.  The indoor signage directs your clients once they enter the building just like the outdoor signs help identify which building your office is located.

Lobby signs can be made with custom lettering in a variety of fonts and colors to match your logo and other advertising aids—even signs that appear on your office front door. Your clients don’t want to search for you so adding reception signs offer the assurance they need.  If this is the first time a client is visiting your office and they can easily find your office with the help of directional signs then their first experience with your office has started off in the right direction.

Brightens the Area

Beyond metal, plastic, acrylic and foam lettering for lobby signs, Pathway Signs and Graphics in Kansas City also offers stained and painted wood lettering to brighten your reception area.

More than likely you are going to invest in office artwork of some sort so why not add to these pieces and use something that brands and advertises your business.  Lobby and Reception signs can also include a slogan such as the one you see above—Jan-Pro—“Measurable Cleaning.  Guaranteed Results.”  Your business slogan is another element you can add to your lobby signs turning them into high impact visuals.  The MercuryMedia sign to the left has used custom wall paper with their logo and the lettering on top to make an impactful result.



Lobby Signs That Direct

Another great idea for Kansas City area lobby signs are adding door and wall signs that direct clients where they need to go. These include restroom signs, entry and exit signs or signs that announce “personnel only.” For professional business offices, a door with letters announcing the conference room is necessary. Doctors’ offices often have large lobbies with many doors and combining lobby signs with directional lettering helps keep patients confident and calm. We can even help you with ADA Compliant office signs.

Another nice feature of directional letters is they can be customized to include a small logo so the entire lobby has uniformity.


How to Get Startedlettersampleslettersamples

Many of our customers ask us what the process is to start a lobby or reception sign project for businesses in the Kansas City area.

We make it easy as we involve you in the process by consulting with you on your needs as well as making suggestions to help improve your office or reception area.

We want your business or professional office to shine as much as you do. Ready to get started?


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Is the coming New Year the time for new Lobby Signs?

int_farmersWith 2013 coming to a close, it is a good time to think about what worked well for your Kansas City area business, organization or institution  in the past year and what can be improved. Often, it is simple changes that can really make a big difference, especially when it comes to business branding and marketing. Lobby signs or Logo signs, often the first encounter for a potential client or customer with your branding, are a popular method of branding and identifying a business. Does your current lobby signage match your marketing materials? Does it display your brand’s character and personality? 2014 may be the year to give your lobby a facelift and consider new lobby signage. Fortunately,  getting a new lobby sign does not have to break the bank. Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you determine what will work best with your logo and branding and the types of materials that will fit your budget.

Lobby Sign Options

Brushed Metal Laminate on Acrylic or PVC

Brushed Metal letters are some of the most popular options for interior lobby signage and can be customized to your company’s specific logo.  Brushed metal gives a clean, fresh look and works well for many different types of businesses.  On the high end of brushed metal is flat cut letters made from aluminum. Looking for a more cost effective solution?  Consider using a brushed metal laminate mounted to acrylic or PVC. We can use acrylic for a gloss finish and PVC when using color to match your logo.

Example_of_a_lobby_sign_brushed_aluminumPainted PVC, Acrylic or Painted High Density Foam Letters

Lobby signs are often a way to show off your brand’s personality. Beyond brushed metals, other types of lobby signage my work best with your company’s branding and logo. In this case, we may look to plain acrylic, painted PVC or painted high density foam letters a great cost effective option. Acrylic comes in numerous colors that should be close to a match on your company’s logo. Painted PVC can be matched closely to your logo. While painted high density foam letters are used for greater dimension.

Brushed Metal Laminate on High Density Foam

Still looking for the brushed metal look, but want more dimension to the lobby sign? Brushed metal laminate on high density foam is the best option that will maintain the look of brushed metal letters.

Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you determine the best options for lobby sign materials to accomplish the look and feel of your lobby branding while finding price points that will fit your budget. We proudly serve the greater Kansas City area including Platte City, Lee’s Summit, Weston, Gladstone, Liberty and Overland Park. Have a question? We are happy to walk you through our process and help you determine the best types of lobby or other signage for your business, institution or organization in 2014.


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Kansas City Businesses – Display Your Brand’s Personality with Office and Lobby Signs!

ind_wall2Professional office and lobby signs greet your customers as they enter your establishment making your first impression. With that in mind, office and lobby signs should stand out and capture the spirit and character of your Kansas City area business.  Design elements in the signage are key to making a good sign great. In addition, the office and lobby sign materials should also be considered along with making the sign functional and easy to read. Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you determine the best materials to work with your design or logo in the business setting.

Making an Impact

As you visit other local Kansas City area businesses, you may notice some consistencies between the types of interior signage that works well for the specific business. Bold letters and bold colors along with design elements really draw attention to your company name. For certain business types, a distinguished look may be preferred. At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we will work with you to understand your exterior and interior design schemes and come up with the best materials to fit your needs.

Lobby & Office Sign Materials

Unlike exterior signage that is made to withstand wind, rain, sleet, hail and temperature extremes, interior signage typically does not have to deal with the elements. Therefore, lobby and office signs are made from different materials than its exterior counterpart.

Letters Etc sign lettersMetal Letters

  • Aluminum Letters – Although typically used for exterior monument signs, can be used on interior walls as well
  • Metal Laminate Letters – Cost effective choice for this design style. This type of letter signage is often seen in a Law Firm or CPA office

Plastic Letters

  • Flat Acrylic Letters – Frequent use on interior lobby signs
  • PVC Letters – Letters are often painted for an exact match to brand colors and can have a matte or glossy finish
  • Acrylic Laminate Letters – Adds dimension to a sign

Foam Letters

  • Painted Foam Letters – Also know as Gatorfoam letters, are a light weight, high-density foam with a hard smooth service. This type of signage works great with colorful bold projects

Routed Signs

  • Can be constructed from HDU high density foam, PVC, wood, acrylic, or avonite solid surface material

Window Signs

Along with your lobby or office signs, Pathway Signs and Graphics can help design your window glass signage as seen below with this recent project.


Tech Express is a IT services company located in Parkville, MO. The signage used print, cut laminate for the arrow graphic and metallic silver for the box and store hours. All materials were Avery.  Window graphics can use your brand logo, display business hours and contact information along with seasonal promotions.

Whether your business is location in Parkville, MO like the example above or Kansas City, Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you design, create and execute high quality interior signage that will be sure to make the best first impression on your clients and customers. Live or work outside of these areas? We also serve, Gladstone, Liberty, Lee’s Summit, Weston, Platte City and Overland Park.


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