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5 Interior Signs You Need for your Business

Do you feel your business signs are outdated? Are you realizing that you need new or additional interior signs? Kansas City businesses are examining their advertising and marketing budgets and considering that some interior markers must be replaced, refurbished or installed for the very first time. Here are the five signage solutions that you simply cannot do without.

1. Lobby Sign

The lobby marker is the first impression that your office makes on a customer or client. This sign welcomes the consumer before your receptionist has a chance to greet the person. What could your sign say about your business? Depending on the material selection, color choice, mounting hardware and texturing, the lobby marker may identify you as a “got it together” business operation. If your sign is old and perhaps outdated, 2015 is a good year to upgrade it.

2. Suite Markers

Is your office suite sign up to date? Does it still show the name of a partner who left or does it fail to display that of a new staff member? This coming year is a good time for remedying this situation and updating the signage. If you have never added a suite sign and just kept the generic number that the management company offered, why not make your entryway noticeable with a customized product instead?

3. Directory

As an office building manager, you know that a directory cuts down on client frustration and confusion. Make your office building one of the easiest venues in town to navigate by new business tenants and their customers alike. An alphabetical, as well as a numerical, directory is an excellent wayfinding solution that also looks very nice in the lobby. Choose from a plaque, a changeable board or a three-sided pylon that you would place in the center of your building’s foyer.

4. Wall Graphics

Have you been thinking of beautifying the break room or adding a dramatic mural to the long windowless hallway in your office? Wall graphics make it possible to bring artistic wall decorations into your space without spending a lot of money on standard decorations. That said, these graphics also have the power to change the atmosphere of your entire business with little more than choosing the right image and having it become the focal point of the space. For example, a pizza restaurant cannot go wrong with a mural that depicts a traditional Italian kitchen.

5. ADA-Compliant Signage


Of all the interior signs you need for 2015 in Kansas City, ADA-compliant markers should be heading the list. If you have not updated your markers in keeping with the law – or have not properly labeled now-permanent rooms in the first place – make this the year that you resolve the problem.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics we are happy to help you think through your interior signage needs and put together a budget-friendly package that ensures compliance with the law while allowing you to market and brand your company to its fullest potential.

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What Are the Types of Signs I Need for the Inside of My Business in Kansas City?

Have you thought about the impact of your exterior business signage? Are you worried about its visibility, color choices and sizing? In addition, you’ve probably considered combinations that would attract motorists and draw attention to your business by pedestrians as well. Does it not make sense that your business interior signage is just as important?

Why Interior Signs Matter

Your exterior signs are your first impression for consumers. They heighten expectations and tell would-be customers or clients what they would likely find on the inside. The visual branding signage you put on the interior of your business build your brand even more to your customers. If your exterior signage promised cold drinks then it would be important to have an interior banner that points thirsty customers to the shelf with the cold drinks. This directional signage will increase customer satisfaction when they enter the store and easily find what they are looking for and likely to become return customers.

What are the Best Signs for the Inside of My Business?

In Kansas City providing new and fresh marketing and branding ideas is a key component for success. This calls for effective signage that underscores your experience and does not neglect to support the atmosphere of your business’s interior decor. Examples of needed markers abound:

  • Lobby signs. If you run a service business, make sure that clients know they have found the right place. Support branding by displaying your logo, company name and motto in big letters.
  • Directories. You commonly associate directories with office buildings. Yet did you know that there are different types of these signs that also suit the retail trade? Hang them from the ceiling – as you frequently see in big box warehouse goods stores – to point customers in the right direction for the various products that you carry.
  • Wayfinding markers. They take the forms of banners, posters, wall and even floor graphics. They ensure that your customers find the deals and deep discounts they expect. These signs also help visitors to find their way around the store. Making it easy to locate the bathrooms, stairwells, return desk and customer service counter is great way to make your customers feel comfortable, which in turn has the power to turn them into repeat customers.
  • Window graphics. Considered indoor signs, these markers have the unique power to affect the customers outside as well as those on the inside. Consider a double-sided wrap that will set the mood inside the store while it entices shoppers on the outside to visit your location. 
  • ADA compliant signs. The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies the types of signs that you must display inside your business. The Act also spells out the color choices and the character height of the typeface.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we understand that finding the right combination of signs for the inside of your Kansas City business can be complicated. Contact us for a site evaluation. We are familiar with signage requirements and choices of the local business community and gladly help you stand out from the crowd.

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What Is the Best Material for my Kansas City Signs?

Many clients of Pathway Signs and Graphics usually have ideas for colors, fonts and maybe also the use of a logo. When it comes to choosing the material for the sign, they frequently do not realize that there are many choices. Finding the best sign materials to use in Kansas City depends primarily on the answers to three basic questions:

  1. Location. Where are you planning to place the sign? Exterior markers need to be a lot sturdier than interior ones.
  2. Audience. Who will see your signs? Are you targeting motorists or are you providing way-finding signage inside your venue when ADA requirements have to be met?
  3. Time. When will your target demographic see the sign? You might choose reflective materials for information that is most commonly seen after dark.

Popular Indoor Options






Foam boards are ideal choices for indoor signage. One example is gator board, which resists warping and is lightweight yet rigid. It is made from polystyrene that is covered with a wood-fiber coating. You can paint it, digitally print on it and even add screen-print to the surface. Gator board comes in black or white, available thicknesses are 3/16” or ½”.  Pathway Signs and Graphics can print your advertising poster, end-cap display or way-finding message right onto the gator board or use it as a foam core for use with an acrylic or metallic veneer.

PVC is an indoor or short-term outdoor material. If you have a fairly sunny location in Kansas City then PVC is best used indoors. Although exceedingly durable, PVC tends to warp slightly if subjected to lengthy sun exposure on a daily basis. This very versatile signage material comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors and finishes. PVC is frequently used for menu boards, way-finding signage, tradeshow displays and basic information markers.

Popular Outdoor Choices







Acrylic is the most beloved marker material for outdoor displays. It withstands sunlight, cold weather and prolonged rain without cracking or fading. Use acrylic with metal laminate letters, use it as a backdrop for logo signs, cut it into individual letters or create entire panels with it. You can choose to print directly onto the acrylic or layer it with different types of the material to create a unique look that is superior for branding. If you want a sign that looks like glass then acrylic is your material of choice!

Aluminum is another common outdoor selection. It is hard-wearing and easy to use. For business owners who prefer something just a little more upscale, there is MAX metal. This is an aluminum composite, which is coated with polyester paint. At its core is a layer of high-density polyethylene. You can print directly onto the material, add vinyl lettering, paint or acrylics.

Before deciding on the best sign materials to use in Kansas City, it is a good idea to carefully read your lease to find out if the property owner has stipulated the use of certain materials.

Give us a call at Pathway Signs and Graphics to help with any of your visual branding needs.

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