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Are You Guilty of These 3 Signage Mistakes in Kansas City?

Kansas City is home to a vibrant business community with plenty of competitors. All businesses are trying to catch the consumer’s eye and dollar. Getting customers to notice you is crucial! Make sure your business is not committing the top three signage mistakes in Kansas City. If you need help with any of your visual branding needs let Pathway Signs and Graphics help keep you on the right path. What are the three common signage mistakes?

1. Your Sign is Old and Fading, Cracking, Peeling or Rusting

You have undoubtedly seen these issues. Back in the day the bigger and brighter the sign the better. Today, they are big and worn. Decades of weathering have faded the typeface and logo colors.


The natural failing of the materials has contributed to the peeling paint, chipped acrylics and rusting metal. The occasional hailstorm or heavy wind has cracked some part of the sign. Nevertheless, it continues to preside tall above the company that it advertises.

With an out-of-date, weathered sign your business is not communicating your brand or message as your business marketing plan intends. An out date sign gives the impression your company is living in the past, has not had the time or inclination to upgrade its look in decades and really has little interest in the image it projects? If your sign is old and dilapidated, your customers might just believe that the same holds true for your products.

2.Your Sign Design Doesn’t Match Your Other Promotional Products like a Website, In-store Signs or Letterhead


This is a common problem for the forward-thinking company that is trying to make changes to a business that has allowed the time to pass without evaluating their exterior or interior signage. Frequently, it is a change in leadership or management that amplifies this mistake. The new person in charge sees the avocado-green color of the logo, notices the burnt orange typeface and correctly makes the correlation with a dated design setup. Yet rather than redoing the signage from the outside in, the new manager decides to tackle the signage problem one marketing element at a time – and starts with the cheapest marker, which is usually the brochure.

Reworking a logo and typeface is a great opportunity to make your business current, but it needs to start with the exterior signage and incorporate the business’s Internet presence concurrently. All those passing by see your channel letter or lighted sign. Rather than allowing them to believe that you are still stuck in the 1970s, let them recognize your innovative nature. Take down old banners and posters.

3. You Have No Sign At All!

Exterior Sign

Exterior Sign

There used to be a time when the real trendy places had no sign above the door. In fact, the door was non-descript and it took a secret knock and the nod of a door attendant to enter. Of course, these companies went out of business when prohibition ended. Nowadays, you need to have a sign to help customers find your business or office.Tthe absence of a proper sign will result in a lack of consumer interest because your potential customer will not know that you exist.

If you need exteior or interior business signs in Kansas City, Pathway Signs and Graphs has the products you need!

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Have you considered Post and Panel Signs for your Kansas City Business?

ext_sandblastpostWe often speak on this blog about making sure the location of your business is clear to either vehicle traffic or foot traffic. While different types of exterior signs such as channel letters are an important aspect of branding, the type of building or nature of the business or organization may not be appropriate for specific types of signage. In those instances, have you considered Post and Panel signs? Post and Panel signs are a versatile signage type that can be used in multiple areas as well as indoors or outdoors. Businesses and institutions around the Kansas City area should consider whether this type of signage may be right for them.

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

This signage comes in multiple shapes and sizes to fit your needs. We often see the double post set up, which has a slightly old-fashioned appeal, used for all different types of physicians specialties, performing arts centers and other businesses or institutions that like this type of visual. There are also mountable versions of this type of signage that allow you to attach the sign to a wall or even an overhang. This is done if the ground space is in use or not available.


We recommend the use of Aluminum for this type of signage as it can withstand direct sunlight, blazing heat, pouring rain and freezing temperatures. Aluminum is typically known for its superior durability as it does not not rot, warp or fracture.  Even better, the material is of no interest to pests. This material will last for years to come.

Customizable Look

The Designers at Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you decide the best way to match your company’s logo or make great looking directional signage. Come speak to us about the best options for you.

Pathway Signs and Graphics has superior customer service and will work with you through ever step of the process. Contact us today to find out if your Kansas City area business can benefit from new exterior or interior signage. Also ask us about different ways to help market your company through excellent quality promotional signage or vehicle wraps. Not sure if new signage is within your budget? We can work with you to determine the different types of signage, materials and designs that will work best and keep you out off the red.We serve the Kansas City area including Weston, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Liberty, Platte City and Gladstone.


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Marketing your Kansas City Business in 2014

2014-marketingAdvances in technology and the prevalence of smart phones have changed much of the retail landscape. Retailers realize that people may look up reviews of products while in stores and they often encourage it by making it easy to scan bar codes to go directly to reviews. With social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest being more popular that ever, 2014 will likely see a hybrid approach to marketing products in stores. In fact, Retail Prophet predicts more “Crowd-Cred” at the shelf in the coming year.  A great example of marketing strategy is the high end department store, Nordstrom. The store realized that consumers are becoming ever more aware of star reviews or online validation of your potential purchase. To tie social media popularity such as Pinterest with in-store good, the store has started utilize clever signage to highlight the specific product’s popularity on the site.

How can local Kansas City businesses take advantage of this new type of retail marketing? First step is to be aware of your presence on social media. If selling specific brands, search for those on different social media sites. Highlight popular items in store with specific signage and make it easy for customers to look up reviews.  Are you selling a particular item that has popped up on a TV show or movie? Have signage that alerts customers that this product is as seen on this particular show or movie. This approach is often taken online with sites like Coolspotter and ShopYourTv. Why not showcase products that are similar to popular items in magazines, online or on TV?

door graphic

While it is great to highlight and promote specific products in the store, a challenge for everyone in the new year is driving foot traffic in the store. While having an online presence for your retail location is smart, you also want to make sure your store is clearly visible, easy to find and stand apart from other businesses in the area. Think about items in your store or marketing materials that may need updating. Have you recently updated your business’ logo? Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you update your exterior and interior signage. We can help you prioritize what types of signage should be change first and what can be done throughout the year. Whether you need new Channel Letters, Monument signs, Lobby signage, door graphics or window clings, our team will help you through the process from start to finish.

Whether you are looking to integrate your social media presence around the store or updating store signage, contact us today and see how our team can help you. Pathway Signs and Graphics serves the greater Kansas City area including Weston, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Liberty, Platte City, and Gladstone.

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Grab Attention for Your Kansas City Business with Channel Letter Signs

Maggianos Little Italy Channel LettersOpening a new retail location or restaurant or looking for new signage options for your Kansas City area business? Channel letters are one of the top choices to display your company’s name and logo. Channel letter signs grab attention with front or back lighting to illuminate your brand name. Each channel letter has its own individual structure and separate illumination. Is your logo in a unique font or color? Do not fret! Channel letters signs can be produced in nearly any color or font. This flexible type of signage can be easily matched to meet your specific needs.

Several Options for Your Business:

Front Lit Channel Letters

The most common type of channel letters are Front Lit and also known as “standard” channel letters. As suggested by the name, these letters emit light from the front or face of the letter. The letters can be either raceway or flush mounted. This type of signage is often seen in outdoor shopping malls and other types of outdoor plazas.

Chase Bank Front Lit channel letters

Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse Channel Letter signs have a very distinctive look and typically are used for brands and businesses with a prestigious image. You may also hear these letters referred to as “Halo lit” letters. This particular type of signage is produced with aluminum faces and returns. In order to get the true halo effect, the letters have to be mounted away from the way. To block birds and animals from making the sign their home, a clear polycarbonate back is used. LED lights are used for letter illumination.

zyngacomp reverse channel letters

Open Face Channel Letters

If you have a business that truly needs to make an impact at night, such as a restaurant, bar or nightclub, the Open Face Channel Letters may be the right choice for you. Rather than the LED lights that are used in some of the other channel letters, Neon is the light source for this particular signage type. The Neon is exposed rather than being encased behind color acrylic. Some people do option to have the face closed off with clear acrylic.

Fado irish pub open faced channel letters

 Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

If really looking to make your signage pop, Front/Back Lit Channel Letters may be the letter choice for you. As implied by the name, the signage is lit from both the front and the back. Similar to the Reverse Channel Letters discussed above, a clear polycarbonate backing is used to prevent bird and other animals from making the sign home. This type of signage is truly dynamic.  However, depending on your brand, budget costs, and needs, we can discuss with you whether this type of signage makes sense for your business.

front back lit delta


As demonstrated throughout this post, there are several different options to match your brand and company’s specific look, feel, ambiance and taste. Budgets vary as well as your specific illumination needs. If you have a business in Kansas City (Kansas or Missouri), Weston, Platte City, Gladstone, Liberty, Overland Park or Lee’s Summit, please contact us directly so we can find out what type of custom channel letter signage will specifically fit your needs.

Here at Pathway Signs and Graphics, we not only handle all types of exterior signs, but can also work with you on all of your interior signage needs from directional, lobby signs to wall murals.

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