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Signage you need for your Kansas City Event

Is your business running a special promotion, trying to recruit potential employees, or hosting some kind of special event?  If so then you need signs.  Did you know that signs placed in and around various types of events can create a level of comfort for those in attendance?  Think about the last time you attended an event in a location you were not familiar with?  Were you looking around for the registration table, were you hunting for the room with the keynote speaker?  Where you trying to figure out where to park?  If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then you know your potential customers are doing the same.

What Types of Signs Can I use for my Event?

Pathway Signs and Graphics offers various sign solutions for these situations consisting of A-frames which can be double-sided and either placed outside or inside your venue directing foot and car traffic to your location.  Display/Menu boards can also sit on tables, counters, or easels that may tell potential customers who the featured speaker is, the schedule of events, or even the latest interest rate on a new car.  Banners are also a good and relatively economical way of directing potential interest in your company and can be placed strategically indicating a hiring fair or maybe a new business grand opening.  If your business is a bank, college/university, hotel, church or event center you must have these types of signs for your special events.


Display / Menu Boards can help you post the Event schedule or can be used to communicate your specific business need, whether it be open positions for your company, new products or an upcoming special event.


A-Frame signs have many different uses.  You can easily remind potential customers or clients of a sale or communicate the reason they should stop in your store or business.


Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you deliver eye-catching displays for your target audience.  We service Kansas City, Overland Park, Parkville, Liberty, Platte City, as well as the surrounding areas.  Don’t leave your customers stranded call us today.

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