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Why Invest in Custom Business Signs in Kansas City?

We have all seen the generic “OPEN” signs, “store hours”,  “directory” and “sale” signs, but isn’t there a better looking sign for your business?  The generic signs are very inexpensive and many new retailer has considered these signs as way to save money.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we frequently get questions about custom business signs that are made to order for an individual company. To make your buying decision a bit easier, we have compiled a number of questions and answers that explain the reasoning behind investing in the best custom business signs in the Kansas City area.

Q: Do signs accomplish more than just pointing the way to a location or identifying the name of a business?

A: Yes, they do. As noted by the International Sign Association (ISA), while signage is crucial for wayfinding as well as name identification, it also performs vital marketing functions. In addition to a main factor in business name and logo recognition, signs also influence the company’s image a customer perceives. Modern, hip and new signage bespeaks thought leadership and trendsetting; the use of metals and wood signals longevity and tested reliability.

Q: Everyone in the neighborhood knows where to find me and what I sell. Why do I need signage?


A: Researchers have discovered that about 85 percent of any business’ customer base lives in a five-mile radius of the company’s venue. Census figures reveal that more than 18 percent of Americans move each year. If you do not advertise your presence and inventory, you stand to lose about 18 percent of revenue-generating buyers each year. Can you afford to stay in business when newcomers to the neighborhood do not find out about you?

Q: Everything is being automated; what is the point of investing in freestanding, channel letter or lobby signs?

A: All consumers are driving around and your channel letter sign can help drive traffic to your website also.  The importance of name recognition can never be overlooked.  You advertise, build brand awareness and work hard at encouraging the impulse purchase. Retail Customer Experience experts have shown that digital signage is a direction that most retailers will soon embrace. Keeping the look and feel of the online and onsite stores the same is going to be a critical aspect of building name recognition and brand awareness. If your online displays do not mimic your store signs, you may lose customers who are looking for you. Invest in high-quality store signage today so that you can make the transition with the least amount of headache.

Q: There are so many different options. Which ones are the best?

A: This is where customization truly shines. Whether you choose to set up menu boards, directories, digital banners, A-frames or monument signs, you select the signage style that appeals to you and your customer base the most. When you work with customer oriented sign company like Pathway Signs and Graphics, you know that you can always add to your business signs.

We’ve given you the reasons why you need to invest in signage.  Give Pathway Signs and Graphics a call or send us an email to help with all of your visual branding needs.

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What Are the Types of Signs I Need for the Inside of My Business in Kansas City?

Have you thought about the impact of your exterior business signage? Are you worried about its visibility, color choices and sizing? In addition, you’ve probably considered combinations that would attract motorists and draw attention to your business by pedestrians as well. Does it not make sense that your business interior signage is just as important?

Why Interior Signs Matter

Your exterior signs are your first impression for consumers. They heighten expectations and tell would-be customers or clients what they would likely find on the inside. The visual branding signage you put on the interior of your business build your brand even more to your customers. If your exterior signage promised cold drinks then it would be important to have an interior banner that points thirsty customers to the shelf with the cold drinks. This directional signage will increase customer satisfaction when they enter the store and easily find what they are looking for and likely to become return customers.

What are the Best Signs for the Inside of My Business?

In Kansas City providing new and fresh marketing and branding ideas is a key component for success. This calls for effective signage that underscores your experience and does not neglect to support the atmosphere of your business’s interior decor. Examples of needed markers abound:

  • Lobby signs. If you run a service business, make sure that clients know they have found the right place. Support branding by displaying your logo, company name and motto in big letters.
  • Directories. You commonly associate directories with office buildings. Yet did you know that there are different types of these signs that also suit the retail trade? Hang them from the ceiling – as you frequently see in big box warehouse goods stores – to point customers in the right direction for the various products that you carry.
  • Wayfinding markers. They take the forms of banners, posters, wall and even floor graphics. They ensure that your customers find the deals and deep discounts they expect. These signs also help visitors to find their way around the store. Making it easy to locate the bathrooms, stairwells, return desk and customer service counter is great way to make your customers feel comfortable, which in turn has the power to turn them into repeat customers.
  • Window graphics. Considered indoor signs, these markers have the unique power to affect the customers outside as well as those on the inside. Consider a double-sided wrap that will set the mood inside the store while it entices shoppers on the outside to visit your location. 
  • ADA compliant signs. The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies the types of signs that you must display inside your business. The Act also spells out the color choices and the character height of the typeface.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we understand that finding the right combination of signs for the inside of your Kansas City business can be complicated. Contact us for a site evaluation. We are familiar with signage requirements and choices of the local business community and gladly help you stand out from the crowd.

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