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Signage you need for your Kansas City Event

Is your business running a special promotion, trying to recruit potential employees, or hosting some kind of special event?  If so then you need signs.  Did you know that signs placed in and around various types of events can create a level of comfort for those in attendance?  Think about the last time you attended an event in a location you were not familiar with?  Were you looking around for the registration table, were you hunting for the room with the keynote speaker?  Where you trying to figure out where to park?  If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then you know your potential customers are doing the same.

What Types of Signs Can I use for my Event?

Pathway Signs and Graphics offers various sign solutions for these situations consisting of A-frames which can be double-sided and either placed outside or inside your venue directing foot and car traffic to your location.  Display/Menu boards can also sit on tables, counters, or easels that may tell potential customers who the featured speaker is, the schedule of events, or even the latest interest rate on a new car.  Banners are also a good and relatively economical way of directing potential interest in your company and can be placed strategically indicating a hiring fair or maybe a new business grand opening.  If your business is a bank, college/university, hotel, church or event center you must have these types of signs for your special events.


Display / Menu Boards can help you post the Event schedule or can be used to communicate your specific business need, whether it be open positions for your company, new products or an upcoming special event.


A-Frame signs have many different uses.  You can easily remind potential customers or clients of a sale or communicate the reason they should stop in your store or business.


Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you deliver eye-catching displays for your target audience.  We service Kansas City, Overland Park, Parkville, Liberty, Platte City, as well as the surrounding areas.  Don’t leave your customers stranded call us today.

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How Can I Streamline All My Business Signage Needs in Kansas City?

The goal of most businesses is to present a seamless presentation to potential customers, pedestrians, motorists and current customers.  As a business owner you want your brand to be recognized.  How Can I Streamline All My Business Signage Needs in Kansas City?

Uses and Needs

Why do you need business signage and where will it be used?  Some common needs and uses include:

Brand recognition – When logos and colors are created uniformly your custom business signs will increase the potential for brand recognition.  Onlookers begin to automatically associate the look and feel of a graphic with the name and product of the business.  Have you ever noticed that young kids that can’t read know Barbie, Disney and McDonalds?  They aren’t reading the actual letters in the signs but recognizing the font and color of the letters.

Curb appeal – The exterior of the business property is uncluttered.  This also translates to the inside when the passerby is close enough to see in the window(s) or when they enter the front door(s).  The signage complements other marketing materials, which affects a uniform look and is visually pleasing.

Marketing advantage – Having a streamlined signage look helps with overall marketing techniques.  Flyers, photo ads  or television spots require little in the way of staging since all the right signage is in place.  Customers are comfortable with the brand because you have created uniformity and familiarity.

Types of Commercial Signage

On the other side of the equation are the businesses that are presenting a mix of marketing materials.  These are the business signs in Kansas City that mix and match handwritten signage with printed banners from a wide variety of printers and sign creators. While there is a charm to the handmade approach that works well for a number of companies, the fact is that it can detract from the professional appearance of other businesses. Digital color matching in all your commercial signage needs is a necessary must to increase the success of your brand recognition.

Pathway Signs and Graphics is your visual branding solution expert for business signage in the Kansas City area. We understand that each company has different needs and budgets to work within, so we offer a variety of options.


Dimensional Letters

Available in a wide variety of fonts, sizes and colors, these letters are excellent for lobbies and reception areas. When lit from the side or below, the play of light and shadows can produce a dramatic effect that is not lost on customers and clients.


Window Signs

Add a handmade touch to your signage without compromising the integrity of your brand message. Temporary signs attach with little more than static cling. These kinds of signs are perfect for promotion and the introduction of new products. Custom business window signage is also great for permanent visuals where the use of vinyl adhesives keeps letters and symbols securely in place for months or years.


Monument Signs

These signs are outside of your building greeting motorists and pedestrians. Frequently, they are the first signs anyone notices when driving or walking near your office or business. Some will generate new business for you while others ensure that those searching for you can easily locate your address. These durable signs can last for years and do not require painting. This is a popular choice to business owners to display the business name and logo, but do not want to have a lot of maintenance to manage.


ADA Compliant Signs

ADA signs are perfect for lobbies and entryways. They satisfy the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide Braille and reflective properties for those clients and customers who require additional assistance.



Vehicle Wraps, Graphics and Vinyl Lettering

Create a mobile marketing billboard in the Kansas City area by installing custom vehicle wraps, graphics or vinyl lettering on company vehicles. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet, these types of advertising turn your vehicles into 24/7 moving advertisements that never stop marketing, even when parked.

Streamline your signage needs by working with one experienced printer and sign maker. By collaborating with an expert on current and future sign needs, you prevent your signage from displaying mismatched colors and clashing fonts. Our experts will gladly sit down with you or your company’s representative to discuss your signage needs and marketing strategy. Pathway Signs and Graphics can devise a collection of signs that tastefully assists you with branding and name recognition.

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Why Kansas City Businesses Should Invest in Custom Signage

Tech_express_door_graphicWe realize that as a business owner or organizational lead, you are faced with tight budgets and deciding on the best distribution of your marketing and operational dollars. There are always inexpensive standard types of signage that will suffice in a pinch. However, you may feel like the cookie-cutter type of signs may not be doing your business justice, especially when attempting to tie together interior design elements, your branding and logos along with the wanted atmosphere of your business or organization. Ultimately, you may be facing the choice of generic signage or deciding to go with a custom look with a local sign and graphics company.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we come across questions regarding the use of custom business signs that are specifically made to order and how they can be beneficial to a given type of business, organization or institution. To best illustrate this point, lets delve into the different benefits.

Custom Directional or Exterior Signage

Not only is signage crucial for wayfinding purposes or identification, it serves as a marketing and promotional tool. Custom signage can be matched exactly to your logo, branding or graphics and influences customers and potential clients. Fresh signage helps set you apart from the competition and helps passerbys and traffic easily identify your business.

Even Established Businesses Can Benefit from Updated Custom Signage

While it is possible that the majority of your customer base may live in close proximity to your location. You may be missing out on potential customers that live just outside of the area or the average of 18% of homeowners that leave or move into a given neighborhood each year. It is also possible to reinvigorate local business with new custom signage that draws in the local customer.

Types of Customization

briar_sign_monumentWhether you are looking at exterior signage such as monument signs with architectural design elements or channel letters that match your logo, directional or way finding signage matched to the look and feel, Pathway Signs and Graphics can work with you to decide on graphic details, materials, sizing and other custom details.


The team at Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you work within your budget and come up with custom business signage that sets your business or organization apart from the competition or other local businesses. Realizing first impressions are always important, we will provide you with excellent customer service throughout the process from initial consultation, to design, to installation. If your business is in the Kansas city area including Platte City, Gladstone, Liberty, Lee’s Summit, Weston or Overland Park, contact us today to see how your business can benefit from custom business signage.

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