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Why Invest in Custom Business Signs in Kansas City?

We have all seen the generic “OPEN” signs, “store hours”,  “directory” and “sale” signs, but isn’t there a better looking sign for your business?  The generic signs are very inexpensive and many new retailer has considered these signs as way to save money.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we frequently get questions about custom business signs that are made to order for an individual company. To make your buying decision a bit easier, we have compiled a number of questions and answers that explain the reasoning behind investing in the best custom business signs in the Kansas City area.

Q: Do signs accomplish more than just pointing the way to a location or identifying the name of a business?

A: Yes, they do. As noted by the International Sign Association (ISA), while signage is crucial for wayfinding as well as name identification, it also performs vital marketing functions. In addition to a main factor in business name and logo recognition, signs also influence the company’s image a customer perceives. Modern, hip and new signage bespeaks thought leadership and trendsetting; the use of metals and wood signals longevity and tested reliability.

Q: Everyone in the neighborhood knows where to find me and what I sell. Why do I need signage?


A: Researchers have discovered that about 85 percent of any business’ customer base lives in a five-mile radius of the company’s venue. Census figures reveal that more than 18 percent of Americans move each year. If you do not advertise your presence and inventory, you stand to lose about 18 percent of revenue-generating buyers each year. Can you afford to stay in business when newcomers to the neighborhood do not find out about you?

Q: Everything is being automated; what is the point of investing in freestanding, channel letter or lobby signs?

A: All consumers are driving around and your channel letter sign can help drive traffic to your website also.  The importance of name recognition can never be overlooked.  You advertise, build brand awareness and work hard at encouraging the impulse purchase. Retail Customer Experience experts have shown that digital signage is a direction that most retailers will soon embrace. Keeping the look and feel of the online and onsite stores the same is going to be a critical aspect of building name recognition and brand awareness. If your online displays do not mimic your store signs, you may lose customers who are looking for you. Invest in high-quality store signage today so that you can make the transition with the least amount of headache.

Q: There are so many different options. Which ones are the best?

A: This is where customization truly shines. Whether you choose to set up menu boards, directories, digital banners, A-frames or monument signs, you select the signage style that appeals to you and your customer base the most. When you work with customer oriented sign company like Pathway Signs and Graphics, you know that you can always add to your business signs.

We’ve given you the reasons why you need to invest in signage.  Give Pathway Signs and Graphics a call or send us an email to help with all of your visual branding needs.

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Do You Need Interior Signage for Your Kansas City area Business?

What is the point of adding interior signs to your Kansas City area business? You have your client or customer in your door but there are a number of reasons why you should have a mixture of interior signage even if you have succeeded in putting up attractive outdoor signs. Continue to impress and brand your business with your interior signs!

Safety and Compliance

The law requires you to clearly label exits and fire escape routes. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) has set a standard for signs that help those who are disabled to use public facilities safely and easily. Pathway Signs and Graphics can help with all of your Braille and reflective sign requirements. Help your clients or customers locate the emergency staircase, the accounts payable office or the room number of the onsite customer care specialist. We adapt the signs to fit into your interior scheme so that your business signs complement your setup.

Name Recognition

Your business name and associated graphics matter. All of these build your brand. There are plenty of times when you welcome first-time visitors to your business who may not be ready to make a buying decision on that day. By displaying your company name and logo on your interior walls you build your brand’s recognition for these customers. Outfit your lobby, reception area or conference room with signage made up of dimensional letters. Choose from metal, formed plastic, flat acrylic, foam or wood.  Create a unique look that makes recognition of your brand or company name quick and easy.

Seasonal Display Opportunities

Vinyl lettering is an excellent choice for interior window displays. Whether you have glass partitions, office windows or display windows that lead to the outside, do not forget about this prime advertising space. Capitalize on the changing season, holidays and special occasions with appropriately changing signage. Whether you advertise special sales, new products or services, discounts, or inventory reduction sales, turn your retail location or business office into a marketing center. Pathway Signs and Graphics offers you a large selection of vinyl options. Choose the degree of transparency you desire as well as the colors that tie into your company’s logo and brand image.

Grab Attention with Color and Size

Imagine interior signage that literally takes up an entire wall.  You can use your interior walls for more than just your company name and logo.  Wall murals are interior signs that can features gorgeous scenery in vibrant colors or promote other services your business offers.  Incorporate your company name into the scenery or set the tone for the types of services you provide with the graphics that you choose to display. You may even use the scenery and coloration to create a certain mood for your business.  If you run a Kansas City retail business, notice how these kinds of signs are perfect for directing customers to the right areas in the store for the various products customers are looking for.

Banners Are Quick and Easy to Put Up and Take Down

Promote certain items in your store by using banners.  If you want to increase the foot traffic to a particular area of your store or want to focus on a certain product, a promotional or sale banner can catch the customers attention to promote you message.  Customize these signs to include your business name, logo, special occasion or promotional item.

When you want a visual solution for your in-office marketing that is consistent, attractive and effective, Pathway Signs and Graphics has the right options. Whether you envision bold splashes of color or sophisticated monochromatic displays, we can accommodate all of your signage needs. Experiment with a wide variety of business signage options, and see how your customers or clients respond. The odds are good that you will like the results.

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