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Lobby Signs

Image is everything when it comes to branding your company.  The use of inexpensive materials and lack of creative forethought can leave an impression with a customer that you did not intend.  Many times a business owner will spend considerable money on exterior signage but when it comes to the interior of the office they simply don’t give it much time or attention.

Lobby signs don’t have to be expensive or use exotic materials.  Most lobby signs are manufactured using various types of substrates such as aluminum, PVC, acrylic, wood and metal or acrylic faced composite materials.  These materials can be formed to make letters, logos, or can be used as substrates where other type of materials including high resolution vinyl graphics can be applied.  The logos/letters can then be surface mounted or use various types of stand offs to create a dimensional effect.  We have all heard the statement, “It is the thought that counts”, and in the case of your lobby sign, the thought truly counts.

If you are a business owner in Overland Park, Independence, Parkville, Platte City, Liberty, Kearney, Weston, Riverside, or other areas of the Kansas City metropolitan area and want to work with a sign company who will help your company create a statement with a unique lobby sign click on the contact us form and we would be glad to help you out.