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ADA Compliant Signs in Kansas City

Did you know when it comes to manufacturing and installing ADA compliant signs there are several things to consider besides just the Braille lettering.


The colors chosen for background as well at the tactile features of the sign must contrast as much as possible.  That is the reason you see a lot of restroom signs that are blue with white, black with white, and ivory with black tactile features.  The contrast in color allows a person with low vision to better view the sign.

One way to “generally” ensure you are in compliance is to have a dark background color (i.e. black) with a light colored (i.e. white) tactile features.


When designing an ADA compliant sign, the designer needs to take into consideration there are really 3 sections to each sign.  One area for the pictogram, one for the tactile lettering, and one reserved for the braille lettering.  Consistency in the design ensures a person who is visually impaired can touch the sign and then know where to find the information conveyed on the sign.


The mounting height for tactile signs (signs with not only Braille lettering, but also raised pictograms or lettering) must be mounted as follows:

Minimum height: 48” from the floor to the baseline of the lowest level of tactile copy

Maximum height:  60” from the floor to the baseline of the highest level of tactile copy



Not only is the height important, but also the placement on the wall.  In general signs should be located on the strike side not hinge side of the door.  If there is not enough room, then it can be located on the nearest adjacent wall.  Other locations can be used depending upon the type of door.

Types of Braille

Braille is a system of raised dots arranged in cells. Any combination of one to six dots may be raised within each cell, and the number and position of the raised dots within a cell conveys to the reader the letter, word, number, or symbol the cell represents. There are 64 possible combinations of raised dots within a single cell. Due to the varying needs of Braille readers, there are three different grades of Braille.

Grade 1

Each possible arrangement of dots within a cell represents only one letter, number, punctuation sign, or special Braille composition sign – it is a one-to-one conversion. Individual cells cannot represent words or abbreviations in this grade of Braille.

bletters bnumbers



Grade 2

Introduced as a space-saving alternative to grade 1 Braille. In grade 2 Braille, a cell can represent a shortened form of a word. Many cell combinations have been created to represent common words, making this the most popular of the grades of Braille and is the type of Braille used in the design and manufacturing of ADA signs.



Grade 3

The last of the grades of Braille, grade 3, is essentially a system of Braille shorthand. Because it has not been standardized, it is not used in publications.


With all of the different requirements for ADA signs it can be very confusing.  Pathway Signs and Graphics is here to help you chose the best interior signage for your business or office space.

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Signage you need for your Kansas City Event

Is your business running a special promotion, trying to recruit potential employees, or hosting some kind of special event?  If so then you need signs.  Did you know that signs placed in and around various types of events can create a level of comfort for those in attendance?  Think about the last time you attended an event in a location you were not familiar with?  Were you looking around for the registration table, were you hunting for the room with the keynote speaker?  Where you trying to figure out where to park?  If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then you know your potential customers are doing the same.

What Types of Signs Can I use for my Event?

Pathway Signs and Graphics offers various sign solutions for these situations consisting of A-frames which can be double-sided and either placed outside or inside your venue directing foot and car traffic to your location.  Display/Menu boards can also sit on tables, counters, or easels that may tell potential customers who the featured speaker is, the schedule of events, or even the latest interest rate on a new car.  Banners are also a good and relatively economical way of directing potential interest in your company and can be placed strategically indicating a hiring fair or maybe a new business grand opening.  If your business is a bank, college/university, hotel, church or event center you must have these types of signs for your special events.


Display / Menu Boards can help you post the Event schedule or can be used to communicate your specific business need, whether it be open positions for your company, new products or an upcoming special event.


A-Frame signs have many different uses.  You can easily remind potential customers or clients of a sale or communicate the reason they should stop in your store or business.


Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you deliver eye-catching displays for your target audience.  We service Kansas City, Overland Park, Parkville, Liberty, Platte City, as well as the surrounding areas.  Don’t leave your customers stranded call us today.

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Why Invest in Custom Business Signs in Kansas City?

We have all seen the generic “OPEN” signs, “store hours”,  “directory” and “sale” signs, but isn’t there a better looking sign for your business?  The generic signs are very inexpensive and many new retailer has considered these signs as way to save money.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we frequently get questions about custom business signs that are made to order for an individual company. To make your buying decision a bit easier, we have compiled a number of questions and answers that explain the reasoning behind investing in the best custom business signs in the Kansas City area.

Q: Do signs accomplish more than just pointing the way to a location or identifying the name of a business?

A: Yes, they do. As noted by the International Sign Association (ISA), while signage is crucial for wayfinding as well as name identification, it also performs vital marketing functions. In addition to a main factor in business name and logo recognition, signs also influence the company’s image a customer perceives. Modern, hip and new signage bespeaks thought leadership and trendsetting; the use of metals and wood signals longevity and tested reliability.

Q: Everyone in the neighborhood knows where to find me and what I sell. Why do I need signage?


A: Researchers have discovered that about 85 percent of any business’ customer base lives in a five-mile radius of the company’s venue. Census figures reveal that more than 18 percent of Americans move each year. If you do not advertise your presence and inventory, you stand to lose about 18 percent of revenue-generating buyers each year. Can you afford to stay in business when newcomers to the neighborhood do not find out about you?

Q: Everything is being automated; what is the point of investing in freestanding, channel letter or lobby signs?

A: All consumers are driving around and your channel letter sign can help drive traffic to your website also.  The importance of name recognition can never be overlooked.  You advertise, build brand awareness and work hard at encouraging the impulse purchase. Retail Customer Experience experts have shown that digital signage is a direction that most retailers will soon embrace. Keeping the look and feel of the online and onsite stores the same is going to be a critical aspect of building name recognition and brand awareness. If your online displays do not mimic your store signs, you may lose customers who are looking for you. Invest in high-quality store signage today so that you can make the transition with the least amount of headache.

Q: There are so many different options. Which ones are the best?

A: This is where customization truly shines. Whether you choose to set up menu boards, directories, digital banners, A-frames or monument signs, you select the signage style that appeals to you and your customer base the most. When you work with customer oriented sign company like Pathway Signs and Graphics, you know that you can always add to your business signs.

We’ve given you the reasons why you need to invest in signage.  Give Pathway Signs and Graphics a call or send us an email to help with all of your visual branding needs.

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Vehicle Graphics Vs. No Mobile Advertising?

Business owners frequently ask if they should use their vehicles for advertising.  Just by adding your company logo, web address and business phone number your business can reach thousands of viewers per day just by driving your vehicle(s) around town doing their day-to-day activities.  Contact Pathway Signs and Graphics to help you get started adding advertising to your vehicles today.

get a bottom-line answer on a marketing or advertising signage-related question. The vehicle graphics vs. no mobile advertising discussion is no exception. The business community wants to know whether a mobile form of advertising can really make the type of difference that would make them take another look at the product.

There are three essential types of non-mobile advertising: billboards, direct mailing or email campaigns, and television or radio ads. All of these ad tools hold promise.  The problems that we see are their built-in limitations.

  • Billboards. You are at the mercy of the placement agency. Depending on what you can afford to spend, you might find your ad message placed in an area that isn’t reaching your target market or on a roadway with construction that is currently not heavily traveled.
  • Direct mailings/email campaigns. Direct mail is usually considered junk mail. Rarely will a consumer take the time to actually read through your ad. The same is true for unsolicited emails.
  • Television/radio ads. Unless you have enough money to snap up a prime time ad spot – perhaps even get a radio-host-read package – your ad will run when very view members of your target demographic are actually listening.

Mind you, all of these advertising tools have merit; but only when you are an already known business within the local community. If you have yet to build name recognition and generate brand awareness, and if you have a limited marketing budget, these ad campaigns do not spend your advertising dollars effectively.

Mobile Advertising: Takes You Where You Want to Go

Let’s look at vehicle graphics. Kansas City consumers are no strangers to these advertising methods.


  • Highly visible. Did you know that just one expertly wrapped vehicle can commandeer between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day?  Impressions are eyeballs. Eyeballs belong to consumers who are taking in your marketing message. These may be motorists who see you vehicle; they may be pedestrians who are walking by a parked work truck. Now imagine how many impressions you could get when you wrap two or more company cars.
  • Very mobile. You know who the target audience for your product or service is because you are usually driving in those locations. Take your marketing message to them whenever and wherever they can be found. You are no longer at the mercy of non-mobile ads. Rather, when you know where your clients are, you take your treated vehicle to them. This ensures that they see your ad, which is not something that you can do with a billboard.
  • Budget-friendly. Television and radio ads are among the highest line items in your budget. Since you do not have to pay a middleman to broadcast your ad, you save this money with wraps. In fact, when comparing the cost per impression, we have found that it is the cheapest when you choose vehicle vinyl wraps.


Call Pathway Signs and Graphics today and we can help you get started making your vehicle or fleet of vehicles great advertising avenues for your business.

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5 Interior Signs You Need for your Business

Do you feel your business signs are outdated? Are you realizing that you need new or additional interior signs? Kansas City businesses are examining their advertising and marketing budgets and considering that some interior markers must be replaced, refurbished or installed for the very first time. Here are the five signage solutions that you simply cannot do without.

1. Lobby Sign

The lobby marker is the first impression that your office makes on a customer or client. This sign welcomes the consumer before your receptionist has a chance to greet the person. What could your sign say about your business? Depending on the material selection, color choice, mounting hardware and texturing, the lobby marker may identify you as a “got it together” business operation. If your sign is old and perhaps outdated, 2015 is a good year to upgrade it.

2. Suite Markers

Is your office suite sign up to date? Does it still show the name of a partner who left or does it fail to display that of a new staff member? This coming year is a good time for remedying this situation and updating the signage. If you have never added a suite sign and just kept the generic number that the management company offered, why not make your entryway noticeable with a customized product instead?

3. Directory

As an office building manager, you know that a directory cuts down on client frustration and confusion. Make your office building one of the easiest venues in town to navigate by new business tenants and their customers alike. An alphabetical, as well as a numerical, directory is an excellent wayfinding solution that also looks very nice in the lobby. Choose from a plaque, a changeable board or a three-sided pylon that you would place in the center of your building’s foyer.

4. Wall Graphics

Have you been thinking of beautifying the break room or adding a dramatic mural to the long windowless hallway in your office? Wall graphics make it possible to bring artistic wall decorations into your space without spending a lot of money on standard decorations. That said, these graphics also have the power to change the atmosphere of your entire business with little more than choosing the right image and having it become the focal point of the space. For example, a pizza restaurant cannot go wrong with a mural that depicts a traditional Italian kitchen.

5. ADA-Compliant Signage


Of all the interior signs you need for 2015 in Kansas City, ADA-compliant markers should be heading the list. If you have not updated your markers in keeping with the law – or have not properly labeled now-permanent rooms in the first place – make this the year that you resolve the problem.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics we are happy to help you think through your interior signage needs and put together a budget-friendly package that ensures compliance with the law while allowing you to market and brand your company to its fullest potential.

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Are You Guilty of These 3 Signage Mistakes in Kansas City?

Kansas City is home to a vibrant business community with plenty of competitors. All businesses are trying to catch the consumer’s eye and dollar. Getting customers to notice you is crucial! Make sure your business is not committing the top three signage mistakes in Kansas City. If you need help with any of your visual branding needs let Pathway Signs and Graphics help keep you on the right path. What are the three common signage mistakes?

1. Your Sign is Old and Fading, Cracking, Peeling or Rusting

You have undoubtedly seen these issues. Back in the day the bigger and brighter the sign the better. Today, they are big and worn. Decades of weathering have faded the typeface and logo colors.


The natural failing of the materials has contributed to the peeling paint, chipped acrylics and rusting metal. The occasional hailstorm or heavy wind has cracked some part of the sign. Nevertheless, it continues to preside tall above the company that it advertises.

With an out-of-date, weathered sign your business is not communicating your brand or message as your business marketing plan intends. An out date sign gives the impression your company is living in the past, has not had the time or inclination to upgrade its look in decades and really has little interest in the image it projects? If your sign is old and dilapidated, your customers might just believe that the same holds true for your products.

2.Your Sign Design Doesn’t Match Your Other Promotional Products like a Website, In-store Signs or Letterhead


This is a common problem for the forward-thinking company that is trying to make changes to a business that has allowed the time to pass without evaluating their exterior or interior signage. Frequently, it is a change in leadership or management that amplifies this mistake. The new person in charge sees the avocado-green color of the logo, notices the burnt orange typeface and correctly makes the correlation with a dated design setup. Yet rather than redoing the signage from the outside in, the new manager decides to tackle the signage problem one marketing element at a time – and starts with the cheapest marker, which is usually the brochure.

Reworking a logo and typeface is a great opportunity to make your business current, but it needs to start with the exterior signage and incorporate the business’s Internet presence concurrently. All those passing by see your channel letter or lighted sign. Rather than allowing them to believe that you are still stuck in the 1970s, let them recognize your innovative nature. Take down old banners and posters.

3. You Have No Sign At All!

Exterior Sign

Exterior Sign

There used to be a time when the real trendy places had no sign above the door. In fact, the door was non-descript and it took a secret knock and the nod of a door attendant to enter. Of course, these companies went out of business when prohibition ended. Nowadays, you need to have a sign to help customers find your business or office.Tthe absence of a proper sign will result in a lack of consumer interest because your potential customer will not know that you exist.

If you need exteior or interior business signs in Kansas City, Pathway Signs and Graphs has the products you need!

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General Contractor Signs in Kansas City

Kansas City construction sites are busy locations. Whether you are a contractor who specializes on large commercial projects that can span blocks or a residential builder, having the right Kansas City general contractor signs help keep you, your workers, clients and the general public safe. What are some of the signs you are most likely going to need?

Traffic Markers

If your construction zone involves street access at multiple points, invest in signage that identifies these roads as dead ends to the general public. This prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering a jobsite and will help keep your job site safe. “Work Zone. No Entry” signs are always a good idea where gates are closed to the public. You can use signage to mark safe areas for parking for your workers or as being authorized personnel only.

Jobsite Signs

A simple warning sign that identifies a property as a construction zone helps keep unauthorized onlookers out and at safe distance from your construction site. A builder lot sign gives you an opportunity to market your company by identifying your business’s name and logo while also offering you an opportunity to post your permit information.

Safety Signs

Promote safety on your work site and one way is to include signage that displays the number of days the site has gone without an incident as well as informational posters that point to the eye-washing station and the first aid kits. Depending on the different trades involved on the site, it may be a good idea to post general protective equipment requirements that include mentions of hard hats, safety glasses and boots.

Material choices depend on the length of time that the signage must remain in place. Aluminum is an ideal substrate for any sign that is placed outdoors. Easily painted in red and white, these signs communicate your messages easily and for an extended period of time if needed. Aluminum withstands wind, rain and direct sunlight for years. This longevity lets you reuse the signs as needed.


Design Renderings

Share the finished building or site with the public by displaying the architect’s design with the public. This is particularly true when the finished site will be home to commercial or residential properties that will be available for lease or purchase to the public. Encouraging early interest in the project helps the developer as well as the contractors.

Fencing Banners

Use the large site fence to advertise your business. Sturdy markers display your company name, logo, contact information and areas of expertise. As you work on the site, your handiwork becomes a great advertisement that is supported by the visual sign.

Banners are suitable for covering large portions of a construction site fence at a reasonable cost. They are easy to imprint with a logo, company name and any graphics that you choose. Whether you want to place some messages onto the banners, add artist’s renderings of the plans from different angles or simply want to work on creating brand awareness for your firm, these markers are easy to put up and stay in place for as long as you keep the fence up.

If you need general contractor signs in Kansas City, Pathway Signs and Graphics has the products you need!

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Business Benefits of Outdoor Advertising in Kansas City

What is the first thing you think about when someone talks about outdoor advertising? Are you thinking of banners, building signs and similar marketing tools? Don’t forget about one of the biggest marketing opportunities your business has – vehicle vinyl lettering and graphics.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising in Kansas City

What  this advertising tool apart from other signage solutions is clear.


Broadcast your message and business on your automobile wherever you drive or park around town using vehicle vinyl lettering or graphics. This is a great way to compliment your store and office front banners and building signs. If you have business to do across town and take your vehicle, your marketing message is going with you.



With this form of outdoor advertising, it is easy to target your demographic. You can put your message, brand and company name in front of your target market while you use your vehicle(s) for their day-to-day business purpose.

Name Recognition

You want consumers to know the name of your company and then recognize it when they see it again somewhere. By taking the information on the road, you actively facilitate name recognition.

Brand Awareness

Once you have succeeded in having folks recognize your company’s name, it is time to build brand awareness. This is the moment when shoppers put together your name with the product or service that you offer. The response becomes almost instant. Once again, use your vehicles as an asset in your marketing plan.

Mobile outdoor marketing makes it possible to take your message to the largest audience possible. You can choose to add vinyl lettering, a partial vehicle wrap or a full vehicle wrap. Kansas City members of the business community have had great success with colorful graphics and getting their brand and company noticed all around town. These graphics are generally the visual hooks that catch your attention and once you have the attention then it is easy for the lettering to provide the information needed.

Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you design a great looking solution for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles that fits within your budget and makes sense on how long you keep your vehicles in your fleet.

Of course, if you like the idea of adding non-mobile advertising to your storefront as well, we can help you with those signs, also. Whether you are thinking of doing a seasonal display or want something that is in place year-round and provides a strong advertising message to consumers of all demographics, we have just the right product line that we can customize for you.

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Need More Info on Aluminum and Metal Laminate Lobby Signs?

Choosing aluminum or a metal laminate for your business’ interior can create a professional atmosphere to set the stage for a customer or client’s expectations. Lobby signs in particular reflect on the brand identity of your company and a great atmosphere can set the backdrop for successful interactions with your customers and clients. An aluminum lobby signs in your Kansas City business are a cost-effective method of creating a sleek reception area branded with your company logo.  Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you make a great impression in your Lobby.

Flattering Differences!

Flat-cut aluminum can be used to create individual letters that reflect the typeface of your company’s name. The thickness of the letter depends on your preference. We can go from 1/8th of an inch to ½ inches. After cutting the letters in the desired height, thickness and font, we polish them to smooth out any edges. Depending on your preference the letters can either be brushed with a matte finish or coated with polyurethane enamel for color. Since these letters are usually very lightweight, they are easy to mount directly to your lobby’s wall.

Metal laminate lobby signs for Kansas City are the preferred choice for service providers. Examples include attorneys, physicians, accountants, investment bankers and anyone who wants to portray a sophisticated image with a hint toward the longevity of the company. The substrate for the metal is usually acrylic or foam, but PVC is also a good choice. You have the option of choosing a thickness between ½ inches to two inches. We cut the laminate to perfectly fit on the substrate, which we then paint to match the metal’s color. The result is a letter that mimics the look of solid metal but is actually quite a bit cheaper to make.

Installing Your Signs

No matter which material you pick, there are several options. Many customers prefer the individual metal laminate or aluminum letter that are installed by mounting them to the wall, but another choice is to have the letters mounted on a substrate. This adds the opportunity to turn a sophisticated sign into an avant-garde display for your front office. Choose glass to heighten the effect of aluminum. Acrylic works great with the foam substrate. Still another option is the mounting of thin metal strips to a metal sheet that is then attached to a substrate.

Aluminum and Metal Laminate Lobby Signs Both Great Choices!

As you can see, the options increase whenever you add new materials to the mix. Since the use of mixed-material lobby signs is coming into fashion and has taken the Kansas City business community by storm, you can now see great results when you mix and match materials for pronounced branding, heightened name awareness and impressive marketing. Getting started on your own order is as easy as giving our experienced lobby signage experts a call.

We discuss your reception area’s look and desired décor with you. For customers who are uncertain about the look and feel of a material, we usually schedule an appointment to see samples, which helps with the decision-making process. Finally, we create some sketches that best reflect your instructions. Once we have succeeded in meeting your vision for the sign, we manufacture and install it. It is really that easy!

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The Construction Industry Is Booming in Kansas City: You’ll Need Signs!

If you work in the construction industry you know that summer is right around the corner and so is the busiest time for construction projects.  Have you thought about all of the construction signage you will need for your projects? Pathway Signs and Graphics can help with all your signage needs.

Who Needs Construction Signs?

If you drive a vehicle or have a fleet of vehicles for your construction business you can use your white work truck or van to advertise your business.  Also for the general contractor who manages a construction site, there are ample safety and wayfinding markers that you need for every location.

Architect signage for Kansas City projects communicates your vision for the completed complex or building while also branding and marketing your company’s name. Anyone involved in the construction trade cannot afford to let the summer boom in business start without being prepared with the construction signage you will need.


What Are Your Signage Options?

  • Car magnets. One of the easiest and highly effective sign for skilled contractors, car magnets attach to the sides of your work truck or van to identify your trade and company. Display your company’s name and logo to increase name recognition.
  • Parking signs. The general contractor in charge of construction site management must think beyond the roped off work area and also handle the traffic problems that can ensue when laborers, contractors, architects and heavy equipment all come to the site at the same time. Curtail parking by the general public to free up spaces for workers. Define access points where only authorized personnel may enter or exit the site by vehicle.

  • Post and panel signs. For the architect who sees beyond the hole in the ground to visualize an attractive shopping center, public access building or condominium community, it is a great marketing idea to display architect renderings of the proposed finished project. This will also help the future leasing agent generate interest in the project by retail and residential clients.
  • Safety signs. If you are the site manager you will have to think through the hazardous areas and post OSHA-required as well as ADA-compliant signs. Identify emergency eye-washing stations, hard hat areas and the locations for first aid kits.
  • Wayfinding signage. Once the project gets close to completion, sales and leasing agents may set up an office and open for business. With models of finished storefronts or apartment units completed, these agents show the models and sell or lease similar properties on different floors. Ensuring that the interested buyer or renter can find the agent is of vital importance. Yet since there is still ongoing construction, it is important to map out a way that is not only clearly marked but also far away from potential hazards.If you are not certain that your business is ready for the summer construction boom with respect to adequate signage, contact Pathway Signs and Graphics and we will gladly sit down with you to discuss post and panel markers, banners, aluminum signs and also graffiti-repellent signage for posting on project fences.

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