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Where to Find Temporary Construction Signs in Kansas City

Finding temporary construction signs in Kansas City that site managers need right now is as easy as calling Pathway Signs and Graphics. We can help add directional and caution signs that help to make sites safer for workers. Our other construction signage products make it easier for leasing offices to sell or lease units and our ADA signage makes it much more convenient to navigate properties. Do you ever wonder what types of signs you might need and who would benefit from them the most?


Who Benefits from Temporary Site Signage?

  • Workers – By highlighting areas where dangerous work occurs, workers know when to be on the lookout for falling tools or materials. Workplace safety is a big deal and an unhurt worker is a productive one.  Do you keep safety calendars to record safe days at work?  We can help with those also.
  • General contractor –  When there are no insurance claims to file, the project stays on budget. Safety signs in particular help keep accidents to a minimum.
  • Sales office – Do luxury condominiums or town homes make up the bulk of your construction?  If so, the sales office staff will appreciate some well-placed signs advertising the future availability of high-end living spaces in the city.  If there are retail spaces as well, getting commitments to lease them  early on establishes anchor businesses and makes it so much easier to rent the remaining properties.
  • Passersby and motorists – Even the folks who are just passing by and are not interested in buying or selling benefit      from the signs on the outside of the fence.  Knowing what is being built in the neighborhood has informational value and affects property values in the area.  Advertise what is coming soon to be the talk of the town and build excitement before the construction is completed.

There are a wide variety of signage options for construction sites of all sizes.

  1. Reminders –  Do visitors and workers know that they need to wear their hard hats in  certain areas?  These reminders are excellent for encouraging desirable safety behavior around the site.

Advertisements – Whether it is the advertisement for the new homes and storefronts that are being built or the ad for an open job that needs to be filled as soon as possible by a qualified worker, these signs help meet the needs of contractors and leasing managers.

Warnings- Usually written in white on red backgrounds, these signs caution against dangerous habits and behaviors that could have serious consequences at a construction site.  Examples include the admonition against the operation of heavy equipment without safety gear or the caution not to walk across the main thoroughfare of the site without due care.

Choosing the Right Materials and Typeface

Just like the messages of the signs vary, so do the materials. The quintessential temporary sign is made from acrylic, foam or aluminum. Durable and long lasting, the materials are excellent for withstanding the Kansas City changing weather from one day to the next.  Include a material that displays the colors you choose to their fullest advantage.

When you add typeface, it is always a good idea to pick a color that suitably differs from the hues chosen in the graphic. Therefore, whether you are an architect, general contractor or leasing agent, you now know where to buy temporary construction signs. Pathway Signs and Graphics is standing by to discuss your signage needs for current and future projects.

Here is a helpful guide to help you understand the font size of your sign taking into account the distance and passing speed the average passerby will need to read your sign.  Make your sign easy to read and large enough so the passerby can get your message clearly!

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