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What Is the Best Medical Office Signage in Kansas City?

Kansas City has a large number of health care providers. There are many Medical District within the Kansas City area. Overall, the city offers patients access to 52 hospitals as well as a large number of primary care and specialty physicians’ offices. In short, to get your clinic, doctor’s office or urgent care facility noticed, you need excellent signage.

This is where Pathway Signs and Graphics can help. We specialize in the setup of highly noticeable medical signs that introduce and reinforce the name recognition of your office as well as the logo you have chosen.

Clinics and Hospitals





Monument signs are a must-have for the clinic or hospital that is competing against other clinics and urgent care facilities. If
you are located in a medical office park, it is easy for would-be patients to get lost and miss your entrance. With one or more strategically placed monument signs, your patients will have no trouble seeing your clinic’s entrance from far away.

These signs are made of weather-resistant materials that do not need painting. The biggest plus is the fact that these signs do not need to be periodically painted, which greatly cuts down on any signage maintenance worries you might have.

Doctor’s Office Signage

How do you distinguish your doctor’s office from all the other offices in the building? Easy! Use dimensional letters. Made of metal, wood, formed plastic, flat acrylic or foam, these signs incorporate your office’s logo with the name. Add clever lighting from below or behind these letters for a dramatic light and shadow effect. Even if there are numerous offices on the same floor, your entrance is bound to stand out.

Urgent Care Clinic Signage

It is an interesting fact that most urgent care clinics are found in strip malls, within business districts and along busy thoroughfares. Only few urgent care facilities are located within medical office parks and close to hospitals. While a monument sign is always a good idea for a freestanding clinic or office, it is crucial to combine window graphics with this signage.  In addition to informing would-be patients about the location of your clinic, let them know about the hours you operate and the types of services that you provide. If you offer immunizations, for example, you may be able to generate additional interest in your clinic. Since the window signs are vinyl adhesives or static cling letters, you can change the message whenever your hours or services change. Urgent care clinics will also greatly benefit from interior lobby and receptions signs.

Leaving your medical professional building signage to chance is a serious mistake that many new office managers and physicians make. They trust that the small sign provided by the office park management is sufficient. Yet if you read your office lease closely, you will find that there is frequently a rider that permits you to add certain types of signs to your office.

Even if exterior signage is provided to maintain a uniform look, there is plenty of opportunity to add interior signs. Of course, there are also other ways to make good use of medical office signage in Kansas City.

For example, did you know that magnetic signs on cars and trucks are excellent means of advertising a new clinic, urgent care facility or specialty doctor’s office? When you park a car or truck with this type of sign on its doors in front of your clinic, it is easier for patients to find you. This is particularly important if the exterior signage has not yet been installed.

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