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What Can Lobby Signs Do For Your Kansas City Business?

Almost every retail business or professional service company has a lobby or reception area. If you are a business owner in the Kansas City area, take a look at your lobby/reception area. Does it brand your business? Can customers easily tell who you are and what you do?  If not, it’s time to invest in lobby signs. Here are the five top reasons why you should consider lobby signs.

Business Branding

Corporate logos and custom lettering used consistently in marketing campaigns help to build brand recognition. Whether your business is in Kansas City, Overland Park, Independence, Lee’s Summit, Gladstone, or Parkville, lobby signs that match your website and other promotional materials (brochures, letterhead, business cards and website) help consumers recognize your brand.

95 percent of people remember the graphics they see.  Lobby signs for Kansas City area business owners are a brand building, visual marketing tool. Lobby signs can be made with custom lettering, graphics or a combination of both.

Shows Professionalism and Builds Confidence            

Today’s consumers want to spend their disposable income at businesses and professional service organizations that are not only proficient at what they do but also those that offer outstanding customer service. If your lobby or reception area is void of lobby signs, adding a lobby sign will boost your professionalism and consumer trust.

Pathway Signs and Graphics designs lobby signs using many types of materials including metal, formed plastic, flat acrylic and foam. With all of these choices, we help our Kansas City area business owners choose the best type of material to create reception signs that stand out, are attractive, and boost consumer confidence.

Clients Find You Easier

If your company sits inside a large office building on a busy main street, lobby and reception signs help your clients know they have found the right office.  The indoor signage directs your clients once they enter the building just like the outdoor signs help identify which building your office is located.

Lobby signs can be made with custom lettering in a variety of fonts and colors to match your logo and other advertising aids—even signs that appear on your office front door. Your clients don’t want to search for you so adding reception signs offer the assurance they need.  If this is the first time a client is visiting your office and they can easily find your office with the help of directional signs then their first experience with your office has started off in the right direction.

Brightens the Area

Beyond metal, plastic, acrylic and foam lettering for lobby signs, Pathway Signs and Graphics in Kansas City also offers stained and painted wood lettering to brighten your reception area.

More than likely you are going to invest in office artwork of some sort so why not add to these pieces and use something that brands and advertises your business.  Lobby and Reception signs can also include a slogan such as the one you see above—Jan-Pro—“Measurable Cleaning.  Guaranteed Results.”  Your business slogan is another element you can add to your lobby signs turning them into high impact visuals.  The MercuryMedia sign to the left has used custom wall paper with their logo and the lettering on top to make an impactful result.



Lobby Signs That Direct

Another great idea for Kansas City area lobby signs are adding door and wall signs that direct clients where they need to go. These include restroom signs, entry and exit signs or signs that announce “personnel only.” For professional business offices, a door with letters announcing the conference room is necessary. Doctors’ offices often have large lobbies with many doors and combining lobby signs with directional lettering helps keep patients confident and calm. We can even help you with ADA Compliant office signs.

Another nice feature of directional letters is they can be customized to include a small logo so the entire lobby has uniformity.


How to Get Startedlettersampleslettersamples

Many of our customers ask us what the process is to start a lobby or reception sign project for businesses in the Kansas City area.

We make it easy as we involve you in the process by consulting with you on your needs as well as making suggestions to help improve your office or reception area.

We want your business or professional office to shine as much as you do. Ready to get started?


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