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Wall Murals for Businesses in Kansas City

Have you seen the ever-growing custom wall murals in the Kansas City area?  Whether you see them in doctor’s offices, law or accounting firms, restaurants or any other type of business, many business owners are noticing that these types of wall decorations are actually great for their companies to brand and create a professional or relaxing atmosphere.

Just how are these custom wall murals, also known as digitally-printed wallpaper helping companies brand, advertise and market?

Eliminate Frustrating Wait Times

If you are in a business where clients or customers experience frequent wait periods, there is a good chance you occasionally run into a frustrated individual.  Rather than having your clients stare at a blank wall, let them have a breathtaking view of a Caribbean beach, a mountain lake or a Tuscan garden and farmhouse. Encouraging daydreams and visual explorations, these murals decrease the level of frustration that waiting can cause.

Offer Comfort

Professionals in the medical and legal profession know there is plenty of anxiety flowing in lobby and reception areas due to worrying about health, livelihood or major changes. Add a calming custom wall paper to help reduce this anxiety in the waiting area.

Tie in Your Business

If you run an architectural business, custom printed wallpaper in Kansas City offices of your companies built architectural designs can add an impactful impression.  For a cruise company, there could be photos of a sailboat at sunset or a Cancun beach scene. Restaurants based on a certain country’s food can create the perfect atmosphere with digitally-printed wallpaper revealing scenes from the country—China, Japan, Italy, France, etc.

Brighten Up a Smaller Space

You may have just moved into your first office and the move has taken your business out of the spare bedroom and into an office building or strip mall. Still, as you begin this new venture, you may feel your office is tiny when compared to other suites or spaces in the building. Open up the space visually by adding a photo of a city skyline or underwater beauty. An aerial shot of the outdoors offers the viewer the illusion of being in a wide open space, even if the reception area is small. Better still, if you are stuck in a windowless office, build a window frame and insert a custom wall mural featuring a skyline, vineyard or garden.

Adapt the Mural to Be Age-Appropriate for Your Clients

Are you a physician or dentist who treats children or a therapist who deals with juveniles? While these youngsters may not care for a gardens or landscapes, they might just appreciate a scene featuring dinosaurs, animals, cartoon characters or trains.

Now it is possible to create a strong brand or product association using custom wall murals. Including digitally-printed wallpaper in your Kansas City business or office helps to promote, brand, relax, soothe, and entice customers. Pathway Signs and Graphics offers you unlimited choices when it comes to connecting marketing ideas with stunning mural displays.

Custom Graphics – What is the current product that you are advertising? Have it photographed and transformed into a mural. Bike shops and athletic shoe retailers have already successfully used this type of technology. It also works for cake designers, travel consultants and car rental agencies.

Flexible Ad Placement – Advertise your new service, real estate business or tax preparation assistance with photos of your professionals in action. High-quality pictures show you and your staff interacting with clients. Use these photos as murals in conference rooms, reception areas or lobbies. In short, help the client or customer envision the enjoyment of your services before you even begin selling them on the product or service. When this segment of your business is well-established, remove the mural and add a different one.

There is no limit to the added enjoyment and functionality that wall murals bring to your office space. Use them for marketing, advertising or relaxation. Set the tone for your office’s atmosphere and you will be amazed at the compliments you’ll receive.  Are you ready to use your office wall space to strengthen your brand, provide service suggestions or just help your clients relax? Contact Pathway Signs and Graphics today to see how we can help with your office wall murals.

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