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Wall Murals and Printed Wallpaper for Kansas City Business Owners

Whether you own a restaurant, a retail store or are in an office building with a lobby or reception area, business wall murals, also known as digitally printed wall paper or custom wallpaper, will help brand your company. Learn all about them and how they help you market and brand your Kansas City business.

What Is Digitally Printed Wallpaper?

Another term frequently used to define digitally printed wallpaper is “logo wallpaper.” Designs are printed on heavy-duty adhesive vinyl and then installed on walls.

These wall murals for Kansas City area business owners are effective because they:

  • Can depict an element or many elements of your business.
  • Help market and advertise your business.
  • Create an atmosphere for your restaurant, office or retail space.
  • Easier to wash and maintain than traditional wallpaper; a protective layer of coating is applied on top to ensure easy clean-up and durability.
  • Hold up well and have long-lasting life in many environments.
  • Brands your business with imagery and visuals.

Types of Wall Murals

There are basically two types of these business wall murals to choose from:

Custom – This printed wallpaper is where we use our design process to create a custom design built just for your business. We discuss with you about what you might want as a design and also offer suggestions. For example, an Italian restaurant may want scenes of Venice, Italy that also depicts their logo. A retail gift shop may look for logo wallpaper that adds to their inside theme to create a perfect atmosphere. Or, perhaps you want to show off the areas your serve in and around Kansas City with logo wallpaperthat includes a large map pinpointing all your store locations or territories?

Pre-Printed – Pre-printed vinyl wallpaper comes in so many choices it’s easy to get lost in the crowd of looking like everyone else. What you might choose for your lobby, reception area, restaurant or retail shop in Kansas City might also be chosen by another business around the corner. That’s why at Pathway Signs and Graphics we recommend custom digitally printed wallpaper and wall murals to help separate your business from the crowd.

You can see why custom wallpaper, wall art or wall murals will add to your business and help consumers remember you—and come back or recommend you to others.

Ideas for Custom Wallpaper in Kansas City

We know we’ve got your attention now so what sort of places can benefit from custom wallpaper or wall murals in the Kansas City area?

Restaurants – As we stated above, an Italian restaurant would clearly benefit from wall murals full of Italian sights and objects. This is true for any type of restaurant whether it’s country-themed (Chinese, Thai, Southwest, etc.) or a unique theme. Take for example a restaurant geared toward children or families. Wall murals and custom wallpaper could include your business logo, character or mascot, cartoon-imagery, and bright and bold designs. Family restaurants do well with state-themed custom wallpaper or those based off a motto, a logo or local area landmarks.

Retail Merchants – Ever go into a retail space and felt engaged right away due to murals painted on the wall or the paint colors chosen? The same can be done with custom wallpaper—only wall murals are more durable—they won’t fade like paint. And because designs are digitally printed, there’s no need to be concerned with the paint mess or paint clean up. Retailers in and around the Kansas City area can create the perfect “shop-my-store” atmosphere with custom wallpaper and bring in more foot traffic and referrals.

Business Offices – If your Kansas City area business serves the Missouri and Kansas states, a custom wall mural showing a map of Kansas or Missouri and all the major cities is one way to brighten your lobby, conference room or reception area. Or, incorporate your logo with your motto in front of bright or neutral colors—the wall is protected and so is your logo and motto because vinyl custom wallpaper doesn’t scratch, peel away or fade like paint.

Pathway Signs and Graphics wants to be your go to commercial sign company in Kansas city for wall murals, custom wallpaper and wall logos. Ready to get started? You’re just a click away from turning your office, shop or restaurant into something awesome…

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