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Vehicle Magnets – Tips for Care of your Magnetic Sign

Vehicle Magnets – Tips for Care of your Magnetic Sign

Magnetic vehicle signs are a great way to give your business increased exposure. When properly cleaned and cared for, magnetic vehicle signs can last up to three years.  Here’s how to get the most life out of your custom magnets:

Will a Magnetic Sign work on my vehicle?

Make sure that your vehicle doors are steel. Some new vehicles have body panels made from fiberglass or aluminum. If your vehicle has been repaired with auto putty some types are made of plastic.  These types of surfaces are not magnetic and will not support magnetic signs.


Size of Your Magnetic Signs

A standard size for magnetic signs is 12″x24″.  The best place on the vehicle would be a flat area where the rectangle will fit.  Magnets can be cut to shapes, but it is harder to keep them on the vehicle if different than a rectangle.  The size of the vehicle doors or body lines on the vehicle could require a different size also.  The bigger the magnetic sign on the vehicle the easier it will be able to read by potential customers.

Applying Your Magnetic Signs

Make sure that the surface of the vehicle and magnets are free of dirt before applying your magnetic signs because this will prevent the magnets from slipping off the vehicle at high speeds.  To clean the vehicle surface use a mild detergent and wipe dry before applying the magenetic signs to the vehicle.  For new vehicles, allow approximately 60-90 days for the paint and clear coat to harden.  If you want to wax your vehicle allow 2 – 3 days after waxing to re-apply your magnetic signs.

Do not attach your auto magnets over a ridge, trim or rust spot that would prevent the sign from lying flat and create unwanted air pockets.  A vehicle hood is not the best surface to apply the magnetic sign due the direct sunlight on the hood.

Start with one corner of the sign first, then allow the magnetic pull to attach the rest. If you need to reposition it, just remove and reapply it again.  Try not to move the magnet while still in place to avoid scratching the surface of your vehicle and make sure your signs are firmly attached to the vehicle before driving.

Tips on Cleaning Your Magnetic Signs

Completely remove and clean your magnetic signs every week to remove any moisture or debris buildup that may have occurred.  You can clean the surface of your custom magnet with a wet paper towel and Windex can help with small smudges or stains. Make sure the sign surface and back of the sign are clean.  Never clean the back of the magnetic with Amour All type products because this will make the sign slippery and may cause your sign to fly off  your vehicle when driving.  Be careful not to bend or crease the corners of the magnetic sign when taking off to clean.

Never use a real wax-based wax behind the magnetic signs.  Use a synthetic waxes or polish on your vehicle. The real was might become more like a glue and permanently bond the sign to your vehicle.  When the weather turns bad (rain or snow) be sure to inspect the magnetic signs daily.

 Storing Your Magnetic Signs

Never roll or fold your magnetic signs because this could cause your signs to deform or crack.  You will want to store your magnetic sign on a flat, level surface.  Be careful not stack objects on the sign that may permanently disfigure it and do not stack vehicle signs with the magnetic sides touching each other.  If you need to store your sign rolled up make sure the printed side is out.

Proper care and maintenance of your magnetic signs will not only prolong the life of your magnetic sign but also protect the surface of your vehicle.

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