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Vehicle Graphics Vs. No Mobile Advertising?

Business owners frequently ask if they should use their vehicles for advertising.  Just by adding your company logo, web address and business phone number your business can reach thousands of viewers per day just by driving your vehicle(s) around town doing their day-to-day activities.  Contact Pathway Signs and Graphics to help you get started adding advertising to your vehicles today.

get a bottom-line answer on a marketing or advertising signage-related question. The vehicle graphics vs. no mobile advertising discussion is no exception. The business community wants to know whether a mobile form of advertising can really make the type of difference that would make them take another look at the product.

There are three essential types of non-mobile advertising: billboards, direct mailing or email campaigns, and television or radio ads. All of these ad tools hold promise.  The problems that we see are their built-in limitations.

  • Billboards. You are at the mercy of the placement agency. Depending on what you can afford to spend, you might find your ad message placed in an area that isn’t reaching your target market or on a roadway with construction that is currently not heavily traveled.
  • Direct mailings/email campaigns. Direct mail is usually considered junk mail. Rarely will a consumer take the time to actually read through your ad. The same is true for unsolicited emails.
  • Television/radio ads. Unless you have enough money to snap up a prime time ad spot – perhaps even get a radio-host-read package – your ad will run when very view members of your target demographic are actually listening.

Mind you, all of these advertising tools have merit; but only when you are an already known business within the local community. If you have yet to build name recognition and generate brand awareness, and if you have a limited marketing budget, these ad campaigns do not spend your advertising dollars effectively.

Mobile Advertising: Takes You Where You Want to Go

Let’s look at vehicle graphics. Kansas City consumers are no strangers to these advertising methods.


  • Highly visible. Did you know that just one expertly wrapped vehicle can commandeer between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day?  Impressions are eyeballs. Eyeballs belong to consumers who are taking in your marketing message. These may be motorists who see you vehicle; they may be pedestrians who are walking by a parked work truck. Now imagine how many impressions you could get when you wrap two or more company cars.
  • Very mobile. You know who the target audience for your product or service is because you are usually driving in those locations. Take your marketing message to them whenever and wherever they can be found. You are no longer at the mercy of non-mobile ads. Rather, when you know where your clients are, you take your treated vehicle to them. This ensures that they see your ad, which is not something that you can do with a billboard.
  • Budget-friendly. Television and radio ads are among the highest line items in your budget. Since you do not have to pay a middleman to broadcast your ad, you save this money with wraps. In fact, when comparing the cost per impression, we have found that it is the cheapest when you choose vehicle vinyl wraps.


Call Pathway Signs and Graphics today and we can help you get started making your vehicle or fleet of vehicles great advertising avenues for your business.

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