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Trade Show Displays in Kansas City

Looking for ideas to help you shine at the busy spring trade show season?  Let Pathway Signs and Graphics help you attract potential customers to your booth and have a very professional looking display.

The Tall Order of Trade Show Displays

Fight clutter. Banner stands, pop-up displays, tension fabric displays, table covers and floor graphics are just a few of the examples of marketing materials that you might use. Pick wisely to come across as a finely tuned advertising machine and promote your business brand.  Overdo the picks – or choose the wrong marketing materials – and your booth looks cluttered.

Communicate and catch attention. You – and a few hundred competitors – will hire a sign company to print up new marketing materials for the trade show. When you hire the best sign company in the Kansas city area business owners rely on, you know that the message you present not only stands out but communicates above all other messages in the room. Your message wants the audience to take action and educates passersby on your products and services.

Generate a media buzz. Whenever you read or hear about a trade show, there always seem to be the three to five booths that have captured the eye of photographers and media personalities. What are these presenters doing differently? In addition to having worked closely with a graphics artist professional, their displays work visually and deliver the brand message simply and quickly.  At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we know how to put together a pleasing display that serves as an excellent backdrop for still photos or live shots.

Is It Really Worth It?

Marketing Charts has done the surveys and crunched the numbers. The return on investment is undisputed when you talk trade shows. Some 36 percent of survey respondents placed trade shows ahead of online marketing and public relations work. Particularly those in the business-to-business niche found that face-to-face meetings at these events contributed to an increase in business – average sales increase of 89 percent.

When you consider that there are numerous opportunities to put your trade show displays to good use – there are spring shows and expos, community fairs, invitational displays and special event shows – there really should be no question about investing in top of the line materials.


Understanding Trade Show Display Choices

Banner stands. A retractable banner stand is easy to set up and take down. It is one of the most basic marketing displays at every show. Reliable, durable and great for informative, branding or atmosphere-setting messages, these displays come with or without a light source.



Pop-up displays. Place them on a tabletop or use them as the backdrop to your product presentations. Footprint dimensions vary to let you customize your booth setup based on space allotment.

Tension fabric displays. If you have a lot of space to work with – or if you have snagged two spaces to highlight different products or services – then tension fabric displays succeed at covering a lot of open space with branding opportunities. Do not allow your audience’s eyes to wander to the competition. Keep them riveted on you and your booth.

Table throws. The color and graphics tie in to the banners and other displays that you are using. The result is a carefully designed uncluttered appearance that nevertheless reinforces brand and name recognition.



Floor graphics. Too often, presenters neglect the available floor space. Why? This is a piece of prime real estate that can add a touch of fancy to your display setup.

Pathway Signs and Graphics is the sign company you want to hire when you are ready to present the trade show displays the Kansas City area media will focus on. Give us a call today, and see what we can do for your next booth setup.

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