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The Construction Industry Is Booming in Kansas City: You’ll Need Signs!

If you work in the construction industry you know that summer is right around the corner and so is the busiest time for construction projects.  Have you thought about all of the construction signage you will need for your projects? Pathway Signs and Graphics can help with all your signage needs.

Who Needs Construction Signs?

If you drive a vehicle or have a fleet of vehicles for your construction business you can use your white work truck or van to advertise your business.  Also for the general contractor who manages a construction site, there are ample safety and wayfinding markers that you need for every location.

Architect signage for Kansas City projects communicates your vision for the completed complex or building while also branding and marketing your company’s name. Anyone involved in the construction trade cannot afford to let the summer boom in business start without being prepared with the construction signage you will need.


What Are Your Signage Options?

  • Car magnets. One of the easiest and highly effective sign for skilled contractors, car magnets attach to the sides of your work truck or van to identify your trade and company. Display your company’s name and logo to increase name recognition.
  • Parking signs. The general contractor in charge of construction site management must think beyond the roped off work area and also handle the traffic problems that can ensue when laborers, contractors, architects and heavy equipment all come to the site at the same time. Curtail parking by the general public to free up spaces for workers. Define access points where only authorized personnel may enter or exit the site by vehicle.

  • Post and panel signs. For the architect who sees beyond the hole in the ground to visualize an attractive shopping center, public access building or condominium community, it is a great marketing idea to display architect renderings of the proposed finished project. This will also help the future leasing agent generate interest in the project by retail and residential clients.
  • Safety signs. If you are the site manager you will have to think through the hazardous areas and post OSHA-required as well as ADA-compliant signs. Identify emergency eye-washing stations, hard hat areas and the locations for first aid kits.
  • Wayfinding signage. Once the project gets close to completion, sales and leasing agents may set up an office and open for business. With models of finished storefronts or apartment units completed, these agents show the models and sell or lease similar properties on different floors. Ensuring that the interested buyer or renter can find the agent is of vital importance. Yet since there is still ongoing construction, it is important to map out a way that is not only clearly marked but also far away from potential hazards.If you are not certain that your business is ready for the summer construction boom with respect to adequate signage, contact Pathway Signs and Graphics and we will gladly sit down with you to discuss post and panel markers, banners, aluminum signs and also graffiti-repellent signage for posting on project fences.

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