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Temporary Constructions Signs in the Kansas City Area

construction_bannerThe Kansas City is fortunately experiencing a period of construction and remodeling as new residences and businesses open throughout the area. Not a week passes by where we don’t see news of a new restaurant, retail store, or other business opening in the next couple months or in the new year. Often, the locations go through major renovations or completely new construction. To inform the public and encourage workplace safety as well as advertising the future opening of a business, temporary construction signs are needed. Pathway Signs and Graphics can help expanding or new Kansas City area businesses choose the best materials, the sign messaging, and design for your construction or renovation site. Along with our expertise with real estate signs to help sell new condos or houses and directional signs to keep pedestrians and other workers safe,  temporary construction signs are an important part of the construction process.

Why Are Temporary Construction Signs Important?

  • Safety – Workplace safety is always paramount at any construction site. Signs can highlight safe pathways or hazardous areas where hard hats are required. Best keep workers on the lookout for possible falling tools or other building materials. These signs also keep the general contractors happy as they help keep workplace accidents to a minimum, which helps keep the projects on schedule.
  • Sales – For residential or commercial sites, help drive lease inquiries with well placed signs in the area. Include contact information as well as company URLs for potential leads.
  • Advertising – Don’t keep pedestrians and motorist guessing about the construction or renovation. Temporary construction signs can help advertise your brand, the type of business, lease or buying opportunities and your projected opening.

ext_skidsignTypes of Available Construction Signs

  • Site Signs – There are a few different types of materials available for construction site signs. Often the signs are made with MDO (medium density overlay, an engineered plywood with a resin treated fiber applied to both faces). A less expensive alternative is large coroplast (corrugated plastic) sign mounted to plywood. This versatile and durable option is easy to customize and can be printed in full color. Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you determine which type of material will work best for your temporary construction sign needs.
  • Safety Signs – As mentioned previously, safety signs are not only important but a requirement at construction sites. Popular aluminum safety signs are Caution, Restriction Area, Hard Hat Area, Danger, Detour, No Trespassing and Private Property. Have a particular sign in mind? Pathway Signs and Graphics can customize your aluminum sign to your specifications.
  • Banners – Banners are an easy and inexpensive temporary sign solution to help advertise the opening of the business, Under Construction, Coming Soon, new location or a specific sponsor. Banners are available in different sizes and custom colors.

Pathways Signs and Graphics are helping businesses, organizations and institutions throughout the Kansas City area including, Weston, Overland Park, Liberty, Gladstone, Lee’s Summit and Platte City. Are you located in or near one of these areas and have questions about temporary construction signs? Our team is happy to walk you through your options.


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