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Smart Marketing with Fleet Vehicle Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

Fleet graphics can add additional customer reach to your marketing lineup.  The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has studied the phenomenon of moving ad content and reveals that about 30 percent of onlookers based at least one recent buying decision on marketing content they saw while commuting. When you consider that just one fleet vehicle has the potential of generating about 70,000 views in one day, you cannot help but feel the enormity of the opportunity that is knocking.

Plenty of business owners are beginning to realize that static advertising is no longer as effective today as in the past. As a result, Pathway Signs & Graphics is helping many customers with their vinyl lettering and graphics on vehicles.

If your business has vehicles on the road just by adding lettering or graphics you can turn your fleet into mobile billboards.  Using your vehicle fleet can help your company remain on the cutting edge of marketing channels. Fleet vehicles include trucks, vans, cars and also bicycles. If you are not sure exactly what to do Pathway Signs & Graphics can help design effective and readable graphics for your fleet of vehicles.

Pathway Signs & Graphics can outfit your delivery trucks or vans with your business name and logo. Building brand awareness is a critical part of the mobile marketing method, and having the logo and company name proudly displayed is a big factor in this approach. If your fleet vehicles are predominantly white in color, you can break up the large surface canvas with color by adding stripes or a graphic to highlight your logo and catch potential customers attention.   Your fleet lettering or graphics can highlight the main service areas where your business operates and clearly display your company website address and telephone number. You can use the entire vehicle by displaying different parts of this information on the doors and front of the vehicles.

If you are ready to follow in the footsteps of many Kansas City companies and brand your fleet vehicles with vinyl lettering, Pathway Signs & Graphics can help.


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