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Is the coming New Year the time for new Lobby Signs?

int_farmersWith 2013 coming to a close, it is a good time to think about what worked well for your Kansas City area business, organization or institution  in the past year and what can be improved. Often, it is simple changes that can really make a big difference, especially when it comes to business branding and marketing. Lobby signs or Logo signs, often the first encounter for a potential client or customer with your branding, are a popular method of branding and identifying a business. Does your current lobby signage match your marketing materials? Does it display your brand’s character and personality? 2014 may be the year to give your lobby a facelift and consider new lobby signage. Fortunately,  getting a new lobby sign does not have to break the bank. Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you determine what will work best with your logo and branding and the types of materials that will fit your budget.

Lobby Sign Options

Brushed Metal Laminate on Acrylic or PVC

Brushed Metal letters are some of the most popular options for interior lobby signage and can be customized to your company’s specific logo.  Brushed metal gives a clean, fresh look and works well for many different types of businesses.  On the high end of brushed metal is flat cut letters made from aluminum. Looking for a more cost effective solution?  Consider using a brushed metal laminate mounted to acrylic or PVC. We can use acrylic for a gloss finish and PVC when using color to match your logo.

Example_of_a_lobby_sign_brushed_aluminumPainted PVC, Acrylic or Painted High Density Foam Letters

Lobby signs are often a way to show off your brand’s personality. Beyond brushed metals, other types of lobby signage my work best with your company’s branding and logo. In this case, we may look to plain acrylic, painted PVC or painted high density foam letters a great cost effective option. Acrylic comes in numerous colors that should be close to a match on your company’s logo. Painted PVC can be matched closely to your logo. While painted high density foam letters are used for greater dimension.

Brushed Metal Laminate on High Density Foam

Still looking for the brushed metal look, but want more dimension to the lobby sign? Brushed metal laminate on high density foam is the best option that will maintain the look of brushed metal letters.

Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you determine the best options for lobby sign materials to accomplish the look and feel of your lobby branding while finding price points that will fit your budget. We proudly serve the greater Kansas City area including Platte City, Lee’s Summit, Weston, Gladstone, Liberty and Overland Park. Have a question? We are happy to walk you through our process and help you determine the best types of lobby or other signage for your business, institution or organization in 2014.


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