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Need More Info on Aluminum and Metal Laminate Lobby Signs?

Choosing aluminum or a metal laminate for your business’ interior can create a professional atmosphere to set the stage for a customer or client’s expectations. Lobby signs in particular reflect on the brand identity of your company and a great atmosphere can set the backdrop for successful interactions with your customers and clients. An aluminum lobby signs in your Kansas City business are a cost-effective method of creating a sleek reception area branded with your company logo.  Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you make a great impression in your Lobby.

Flattering Differences!

Flat-cut aluminum can be used to create individual letters that reflect the typeface of your company’s name. The thickness of the letter depends on your preference. We can go from 1/8th of an inch to ½ inches. After cutting the letters in the desired height, thickness and font, we polish them to smooth out any edges. Depending on your preference the letters can either be brushed with a matte finish or coated with polyurethane enamel for color. Since these letters are usually very lightweight, they are easy to mount directly to your lobby’s wall.

Metal laminate lobby signs for Kansas City are the preferred choice for service providers. Examples include attorneys, physicians, accountants, investment bankers and anyone who wants to portray a sophisticated image with a hint toward the longevity of the company. The substrate for the metal is usually acrylic or foam, but PVC is also a good choice. You have the option of choosing a thickness between ½ inches to two inches. We cut the laminate to perfectly fit on the substrate, which we then paint to match the metal’s color. The result is a letter that mimics the look of solid metal but is actually quite a bit cheaper to make.

Installing Your Signs

No matter which material you pick, there are several options. Many customers prefer the individual metal laminate or aluminum letter that are installed by mounting them to the wall, but another choice is to have the letters mounted on a substrate. This adds the opportunity to turn a sophisticated sign into an avant-garde display for your front office. Choose glass to heighten the effect of aluminum. Acrylic works great with the foam substrate. Still another option is the mounting of thin metal strips to a metal sheet that is then attached to a substrate.

Aluminum and Metal Laminate Lobby Signs Both Great Choices!

As you can see, the options increase whenever you add new materials to the mix. Since the use of mixed-material lobby signs is coming into fashion and has taken the Kansas City business community by storm, you can now see great results when you mix and match materials for pronounced branding, heightened name awareness and impressive marketing. Getting started on your own order is as easy as giving our experienced lobby signage experts a call.

We discuss your reception area’s look and desired décor with you. For customers who are uncertain about the look and feel of a material, we usually schedule an appointment to see samples, which helps with the decision-making process. Finally, we create some sketches that best reflect your instructions. Once we have succeeded in meeting your vision for the sign, we manufacture and install it. It is really that easy!

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