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Kansas City Businesses turn to Vehicle Vinyl Lettering for Ultimate Brand Exposure

TheCleanTeamVinylLetteringThe beauty of using vinyl letters on your personal or company vehicle to advertise your business is that it takes the branding wherever you go. Essentially the car, truck or van becomes a mobile billboard for your business, getting thousands of impressions each day. In a traditional advertising sense, you would have to pay for several billboards along heavily trafficked routes to get as many impressions as a frequently used vehicle with stand-out visuals and graphics would receive. Think of all the places you travel in a given week around the Kansas City area — to and from work, deliveries, picking up supplies, to the bank,  and on errands. With just one or multiple vehicles with vinyl letters out and about, you exponentially increase your  brand awareness for your business or organization. Along with eye-catching graphics, you can provide essential business details and contact information, making it easy for potential customers or clients to learn more and contact you directly. For the aforementioned reasons plus the main advantage of being able to advertise your business around the clock, Kansas City businesses and organizations are turning to vehicle vinyl letters and wraps for the ultimate brand exposures.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we understand there are several benefits to vehicle vinyl letters. Let’s discuss!

Inexpensive But Effective!

Inexpensive compared to full vehicle or partial wraps, but effective and looks great! Unlike letters of years past that would flake or peel off, technology has come a long way. Today’s vinyl letters do not peel or fade and remain looking sharp. We use vinyl lettering from Avery or 3M which are top quality products.

Ad Space on Your Vehicle

veh_trucklettersWhile there is plenty of room on almost all vehicles to choose from multiple locations for your company’s branding and contact information, we recommend thinking what would look best and how you are comfortable. Vans typically look best with lettering on the cargo door along with the back doors, while a crossover SUV may look best with letters in the back window. Don’t forget, potential customers may be driving behind you and jot down your number at a red light.

More than just Black or White

Perhaps your business’ logo has bold colors or colors are part of your branding. Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you choose from an array of different colors to match your color scheme and compliment the paint color of the car. Remember, the letters should stand out, but not clash with the colors. In addition to the vinyl letters, small graphic details can utilized as well. Want to call out your social media information? Consider adding the twitter or Facebook icons.

Still considering your options between vinyl letter and partial or full car wraps? Check out our previous post on commonly asked questions on vehicle wraps. As always, we are happy to speak with you directly and help you decide between the options and what will work within your budget.

Pathway Signs and Graphics is experienced with vinyl letterings and can help businesses in the Kansas City area including Platte City, Overland Park, Gladstone, Weston, Liberty, and Lee’s Summit. Contact us soon and don’t miss out on the opportunity to advertise your business 24/7!


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