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Kansas City Area: Generate Booth Traffic with Great Trade Show Displays

trade-show-imageThe Kansas City area is home to more than two dozen trade shows. Is your company or business planning to exhibit at one or more of these shows? If you have every attended one of these shows as a consumer, or even if your are an experienced exhibitor, you understand that the booths with the best visuals and professional feel tend to have the greatest amount of booth traffic.

Trade Shows typically do well with consumer attendance with certain shows having long histories in the area. From Gems & Jewelry, Beads and crafts, to expos for Guns & Knife, Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you get noticed with different types of trade show displays and signage. Perhaps you already have signage but it needs refreshing, or perhaps your business is new and you need to start from scratch.  Either way, we can custom fit a package of signs that will set you in the right direction for the show.

Custom Table Throws

tradeshowbannersAs a consumer or a professional, you are sure to notice the tables without any type covering over the display tables. Nothing worse than seeing wires, storage, boxes, bags and whatever else fits under the table as you walk by an exhibit.  Why not take that opportunity to use additional branding space to call attention to your booth?

The table throw can be custom fit to the table or draped. Ask us about table runner opportunities as well. We can work together to find right color and the correct graphic to match your display.

Tabletop Displays

With tabletop displays, your brand, messaging and services are front and center as consumers pass by your exhibit area. These types of displays are typically essential to help build awareness and attract booth interactions. We can help turn your brand and company materials into a striking visual.

It is important within your booth space to fill it appropriately and to make the space feel welcoming. Tabletop displays will often be where the consumers are browsing and reading your materials. It can also be a focal point to start conversations about what specifically your brand or company has to offer.

If you already have a selection of graphics and images saved or have physical examples of previous signs, we can match colors so that the marketing and branding maintain a consistency with your other material such as brochures and business cards.

Banner Stands

tradeshow4Along with your table, draping, and tabletop display, banner stands help draw attention to your both with graphics that fill the consumers line of sight. These types of signs can be used in a variety of shapes and sizes and are customized to your advertising needs.

Utilize multiple banner stands to highlight different services, products or offerings.  Do not miss this opportunity to spotlight any particular graphic that does well on a large scale. Use  of rich and vibrant colors to make a strong impact on your exhibit space area is recommended. This type of display signage is easy to assemble and is easy to transport to and from the trade show.

Pop-Up Displays

tradeshow2This type of advertising canvas can set you apart from other exhibitors at any given trade show. With a Pop-up display, you have the opportunity to use the space fully from top to bottom and left to right. Depending on your specific display needs, Pathway Signs and Graphics can work with you to discover what will work specifically within your budget.

Pop-up displays come in simple background displays, curved and even ones with counter space.


If in the Kansas City, Weston, Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, Liberty, Platte City, and Gladstone, MO areas, and in need of Trade Show Displays, please do not hesitate to contact us. Check out a full list of trade shows in the Kansas City area through


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