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Increase Business with a Sign Facelift!

A business sign should make a good first impression for customers or potential customers.  Impressions happen in a fraction of a second and they are often lasting.  A well kept, up-to-date business sign reflects your company’s brand and values.  Signage is the first communication tool to your customers and you need to make sure you are making the impression you intend on potential customers.  Updating the exterior signs of your business may be just the attention grabbing push you need to increase your business.

Replacing a mobile, changeable letter sign to a more permanent sign with color can make a big difference.

Would you like to make a better impression with your exterior sign?

changeable letter sign






This exterior sign makes a great impression.










If  your sign is looking a bit worn or is in need of some color a new exterior sign could be the attention grabbing change your business needs.  Weather can also fade your sign and make the lettering hard to read.  Maybe it is time to give your outdoor building sign a new look. Changing from a flat panel sign to a dimensional carved sign will get you noticed.

before_extsign after_extsign








A 2012 study funded by the Signage Foundation that was conducted at the University of Cincinnati revealed that of businesses that made a significant change to their sign program:

  • 65% reported an average of a 12% increase in sales
  • 62% reported an average 11% increase in number of transactions
  • 59% reported an increase in profits.


Is it time to update and refresh your exterior or interior signs?  Pathway Sign and Graphics can help you determine the best cost-efficient exterior signage and interior signage for your local Kansas City business.

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