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Improve your Trade Show Success

Last year was a great year, you hit your sales goals, you expanded your customer base but now you have been challenged to do more.  All sales people know trade shows are a great place to get your products and services in front of hundreds of potential buyers and NOW is trade show season.
Everyone knows how you exhibit is as important as what you exhibit.  With that in mind you can make a lasting impression using light weight, cost effective stands and materials that can be stored in cases not much larger than a briefcase and can be easily placed in an overhead bin of an airplane.

Take a look at some of the cost effective products Pathway Signs and Graphics can provide for your trade show journey.  If you would like more information fill out our contact form or call us at 816-216-6109.



Most people think of flags only on display outdoors, but why not use a feather or teardrop flag or maybe even a L-stand to create a boundary around your trade show table or strategically place them within your space to create focus areas.  Flags come in various heights and if you can go ‘big” it may allow you to reach heights others only dream of.



Pop-Up Displays

Pop up booths, such as fabric graphic displays, pop up displays, and Velcro booths, offer a great way to grab attention at image3image3promotional events. Put your best foot forward at your next traimage3de show, convention, or exposition.


Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are the ultimate in simplicity and portability.  They come in 15″ tabletop as well a 48″ floor models and can display a graphic from 36 1/2″ to 86″ in height.  Grouping more than one stand and strategically designing your graphic can allow you to create a backdrop for your trade show booth.


Trade Show Table Throws

It doesn’t get any simpler than this.  A tablecloth with your logo imprinted on it can create a customized look anywhere, anytime.  Our tablecloths can be full-size offering coverage on all four sides of the table or can come with a partial open back allowing easy access to the area under the table.



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