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How to improve your Kansas City Area Trade Show experience

tradeshow4Savvy Kansas City area business owner or marketing manager in the retail or service provider spaces know that in person interactions are the best way to generate sales and leads. There are at least 30 opportunities in 2014 for area businesses to make a great impression on trade show attendees. No matter how small or large your business or organization is, trade shows are a key marketing opportunity and should not be overlooked.  Trade shows give area businesses the chance to forge additional relationships with potential customers or client as well as networking opportunities with other retailers or service providers. Just as it is important to make a great first impression as people visit your specific location, it is equally important to make a great first impression at your stall or booth.

If you are feeling like your trade show display signage is feeling bit stale or perhaps you are looking to expand your presence, the team at Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you navigate the different types of available signage that will inject life into your booth and get you noticed at the next show. We can also take a look at your current marketing materials and  decide the best way to work that into eye-catching graphics and copy for your booth. Customized booth signage can help your display look inviting to attendees. Beyond looking at signage, there are some essential points making the most out of your trade show experience.

Setting Goals

With all of your offerings, it can be overwhelming when it comes to all the potential clients and leads. Try creating specific goals for each trade show by focusing on a specific line of products or services. By focusing on a smaller subset of your offerings, it will make it easier to speak to booth visitors, from there you can always share material for your other products or services. It is also less overwhelming for attendees to approach you.

Know the show

Some trade shows are better at building a database of sales leads or for networking. Other shows have attendees that will make purchases on the spot. With a small amount of research, you can better set you expectations for the show and understanding what may work better with attendees. If attending a show where new products or devices are premiered, you can come prepared with the necessary marketing materials and signage. These types of shows will also help your gauge reactions from your potential client base to new products or services.

Customized Signage

tradeshow1While it may be slightly less expensive to go with cookie-cutter booth signage, customized signage will make a great first impression, fill the display space appropriately, and help potential customers understand your offerings. Some trade shows have numerous exhibitors and you will be competing with all the booths around your for attention. Colorful, vibrant trade show displays will help you have the best trade show experience as you walk away with your expectations exceeded for a given show.

Pathway Signs and Graphics helps Kansas City area businesses with customized trade show displays along with other signage materials. We also serve businesses in Weston, Overland Park, Liberty, Platte City, Gladstone and Lee’s Summit. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.


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