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Grab Attention for Your Kansas City Business with Channel Letter Signs

Maggianos Little Italy Channel LettersOpening a new retail location or restaurant or looking for new signage options for your Kansas City area business? Channel letters are one of the top choices to display your company’s name and logo. Channel letter signs grab attention with front or back lighting to illuminate your brand name. Each channel letter has its own individual structure and separate illumination. Is your logo in a unique font or color? Do not fret! Channel letters signs can be produced in nearly any color or font. This flexible type of signage can be easily matched to meet your specific needs.

Several Options for Your Business:

Front Lit Channel Letters

The most common type of channel letters are Front Lit and also known as “standard” channel letters. As suggested by the name, these letters emit light from the front or face of the letter. The letters can be either raceway or flush mounted. This type of signage is often seen in outdoor shopping malls and other types of outdoor plazas.

Chase Bank Front Lit channel letters

Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse Channel Letter signs have a very distinctive look and typically are used for brands and businesses with a prestigious image. You may also hear these letters referred to as “Halo lit” letters. This particular type of signage is produced with aluminum faces and returns. In order to get the true halo effect, the letters have to be mounted away from the way. To block birds and animals from making the sign their home, a clear polycarbonate back is used. LED lights are used for letter illumination.

zyngacomp reverse channel letters

Open Face Channel Letters

If you have a business that truly needs to make an impact at night, such as a restaurant, bar or nightclub, the Open Face Channel Letters may be the right choice for you. Rather than the LED lights that are used in some of the other channel letters, Neon is the light source for this particular signage type. The Neon is exposed rather than being encased behind color acrylic. Some people do option to have the face closed off with clear acrylic.

Fado irish pub open faced channel letters

 Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

If really looking to make your signage pop, Front/Back Lit Channel Letters may be the letter choice for you. As implied by the name, the signage is lit from both the front and the back. Similar to the Reverse Channel Letters discussed above, a clear polycarbonate backing is used to prevent bird and other animals from making the sign home. This type of signage is truly dynamic.  However, depending on your brand, budget costs, and needs, we can discuss with you whether this type of signage makes sense for your business.

front back lit delta


As demonstrated throughout this post, there are several different options to match your brand and company’s specific look, feel, ambiance and taste. Budgets vary as well as your specific illumination needs. If you have a business in Kansas City (Kansas or Missouri), Weston, Platte City, Gladstone, Liberty, Overland Park or Lee’s Summit, please contact us directly so we can find out what type of custom channel letter signage will specifically fit your needs.

Here at Pathway Signs and Graphics, we not only handle all types of exterior signs, but can also work with you on all of your interior signage needs from directional, lobby signs to wall murals.

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