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General Contractor Signs in Kansas City

Kansas City construction sites are busy locations. Whether you are a contractor who specializes on large commercial projects that can span blocks or a residential builder, having the right Kansas City general contractor signs help keep you, your workers, clients and the general public safe. What are some of the signs you are most likely going to need?

Traffic Markers

If your construction zone involves street access at multiple points, invest in signage that identifies these roads as dead ends to the general public. This prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering a jobsite and will help keep your job site safe. “Work Zone. No Entry” signs are always a good idea where gates are closed to the public. You can use signage to mark safe areas for parking for your workers or as being authorized personnel only.

Jobsite Signs

A simple warning sign that identifies a property as a construction zone helps keep unauthorized onlookers out and at safe distance from your construction site. A builder lot sign gives you an opportunity to market your company by identifying your business’s name and logo while also offering you an opportunity to post your permit information.

Safety Signs

Promote safety on your work site and one way is to include signage that displays the number of days the site has gone without an incident as well as informational posters that point to the eye-washing station and the first aid kits. Depending on the different trades involved on the site, it may be a good idea to post general protective equipment requirements that include mentions of hard hats, safety glasses and boots.

Material choices depend on the length of time that the signage must remain in place. Aluminum is an ideal substrate for any sign that is placed outdoors. Easily painted in red and white, these signs communicate your messages easily and for an extended period of time if needed. Aluminum withstands wind, rain and direct sunlight for years. This longevity lets you reuse the signs as needed.


Design Renderings

Share the finished building or site with the public by displaying the architect’s design with the public. This is particularly true when the finished site will be home to commercial or residential properties that will be available for lease or purchase to the public. Encouraging early interest in the project helps the developer as well as the contractors.

Fencing Banners

Use the large site fence to advertise your business. Sturdy markers display your company name, logo, contact information and areas of expertise. As you work on the site, your handiwork becomes a great advertisement that is supported by the visual sign.

Banners are suitable for covering large portions of a construction site fence at a reasonable cost. They are easy to imprint with a logo, company name and any graphics that you choose. Whether you want to place some messages onto the banners, add artist’s renderings of the plans from different angles or simply want to work on creating brand awareness for your firm, these markers are easy to put up and stay in place for as long as you keep the fence up.

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