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Construction Site Signs – Three Important Signs

Signs for construction sites inform the public and encourage workplace safety.  Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you determine the best material, message and design to use for your site sign.  Here are three important signs for construction sites:

1. Site Signs – Let the public know who is doing construction, the future tenants, or redirect traffic accordingly where needed during construction with a site sign.  Most site signs are made with MDO.  Since the cost of MDO (medium density overlay, an engineered plywood with a resin treated fiber applied to both faces) can be costly, the most cost-effective alternative for many temporary site signs is to use a large coroplast (Corrugated plastic) sign mounted to plywood.  The coroplast is an extremely versatile and durable solution.  Property manager signs, sponsor signs or any other customized sign can be printed in full color on corrugated plastic.  The weather, life of the sign and construction environment will determine what products should be used to meet your construction site sign requirements.


2. Aluminum Signs – Besides site signs, other required signs for construction sites are safety signs.  Danger, Caution, Restricted Area, Detour, Hard Hat Area, No Trespassing, and Private Property are just a few examples of popular aluminum safety signs for construction sites.  Pathway Signs and Graphics can print customized aluminum signs for your construction site safety or directional needs.

hardhat sign

3. Banners – During the construction process you can use a banner to inform the public of the construction company, future tenants, grand openings, or open during construction messages.  When there is construction in an area the public is always curious to know what is happening and a banner can get your message communicated.  Pathway Signs and Graphics can print large banners that are easily seen from the street.  We would be happy to help with a Coming Soon, Under Construction, New Location, Sponsored By or any other message you would like to present.



Our design team can assist you in designing your custom construction site signs.  Contact Pathway Signs and Graphics for more information!