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Brand your Fleet with Vehicle Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

There is something special about adding fleet graphics to your marketing lineup. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has studied the phenomenon of moving ad content. The organization reveals that about 30% of onlookers based at least one recent buying decision on marketing content they saw while commuting. When you consider that just one fleet vehicle has the potential of generating about 70,000 views in one day, you cannot help but feel the huge opportunity that is knocking.

 Plenty of business owners are beginning to realize that static advertising is no longer sufficient. Pathway Signs and Graphics is getting many phone calls inquiring about vinyl lettering and graphics for fleets. A great example is Dry Basement Foundation Repair serving Kansas City, Des Moines, Columbia, Springfield and Columbia.  Dry Basement Foundation Repair provides waterproofing methods for basement water seepage or flooding.  Founded in 1975 they have become one of the top basement foundation repair and waterproofing companies in the Kansas City area.

We outfitted several different Dry Basement vehicles with the company name and logo. Building brand awareness is a critical part of the mobile marketing method, and having your logo and company name proudly displayed is very important to create your business brand. If your company fleet vehicles are predominantly white in color, you can break up the large surface with a horizontal stripe that is the same color as the logo. It is also important to add the website and telephone number. You can display any part of this information on the doors, hood or back window of the vehicles.

If you are ready to brand your fleet vehicles with vinyl lettering or need to update your current graphics, Pathway Signs and Graphics can help.


Save money.      Whether you are starting out with your first fleet vehicle or are in need of lettering for an already established fleet, vinyl lettering is less expensive than full car wraps. Budget friendly and effective, this marketing solution takes your plain cars, vans or trucks and makes them memorable and catches the attention of passing cars or pedestrians.

Long lasting.      Today’s vinyl lettering is very different from the products that were used even a decade ago.  The letters are durable and made from heavy-duty vinyl.  They resist fading and even withstand years of changing weather conditions without peeling.

Adaptable.      There are many colors available.  If your fleet vehicles are a dark color, we can use plenty of bright colors that not only contrast nicely from the paint job but also complement your logo. Even if you have large trucks, vehicle lettering can still be used to add your brand to your fleet.  We know how to maximize the lettering approach to draw the eye to your ad content without the need for multiple graphics.

Don’t put off your vehicle fleet branding.  Referring back to the research done by the OAAA, did you know that a high-end partial wrap or vinyl lettering approach only costs about $0.77 per 1,000 impressions?   Start advertising with an effective and inexpensive method and use vehicle graphics or lettering.  It is time for your fleet to become recognizable on the streets of Kansas City!

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