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An Easy Way to Advertise Your Business Around Kansas City

veh_vanwrapAt Pathway Signs and Graphics, we understand that your Kansas City, Weston, Platte City, Gladstone, Lee’s Summit, and Overland Park business must make every advertising and marketing dollar count. Studies show that Out Of Home (OOH) advertising drives awareness, recall and sales. However, it can be pricy to have the necessary reach and frequency needed to drive your brand. Why not have your brand driven around? Especially when vehicle wraps are mobile billboards that can attain 30,000 to 70,000 impressions.

With the growing number of hours we spend in our cars on a daily basis, we are exposed to more and more advertising. Why not have your business be one of those advertisements?

Why are Vehicle Wraps and Graphics right for businesses in the Kansas City area?

We work and live in a competitive and cluttered advertising market. It takes the right type of media along with he right visuals to break through the market noise. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, there are some fantastic stats that support these type of high impact advertising vehicles.

  • A substantial percent of consumers (30%) say they make a buying decision based on moving ads and graphics they see
  • As stated before, one vehicle wrap can get a many as 70,000 impressions
  • The cost of vehicle wraps compared to other advertising campaigns is only $0.77 cents per one-thousand impression (CPM)

Comparing the costs of a vehicle wrap or graphic to other types of media shows that it is one of the most cost efficient buys when looked at impressions gained.  In media terms, it is easiest to compare costs on a CPM basis.

  • A typical primetime TV spot (:30 second ad) has an average CPM of $17.78
  • A :60 second radio spot has an average $8.61 CPM
  • On average, a one page four-color ad in a news paper has a $9.35

Traditional advertising like, TV, Print (Newspapers and Magazines) and radio are proven mediums and have several advantages.  The biggest downfall to these types of buys is the price. In order to make an impact, you need to buy several ads or spots to move the needle. Buying a print ad in a newspaper has a very short shelf life. In order to hit your target demo, you would need to take out several ads to keep your ad prominent. A vehicle wrap or graphic can enhance any current advertising campaign or do well on its own (and lasts!)

What types of vehicle work well in a wrap or graphic?

The short answer is everything and anything. Vehicle wraps and graphics can be custom fit to almost any vehicle. Have pickup truck? We can wrap it. Have a Smart Car? We can wrap it. Have a large truck? No problem! We can wrap it.







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Box Trucks


What types of businesses should have a wrapped vehicle?

Whether you use the vehicle for deliveries or to run to your next appointment, a wrapped vehicle could work in many scenarios. Do the following factors apply to your business?

  • Drive to and from work and work-related appointments
  • Deliveries for businesses and consumers
  • A catering service
  • Franchised business
  • Kansas City area contractor businesses
  • An election campaign
  • To and from airports and hotels
  • Have a dealership with a courtesy shuttle
  • Florist
  • Food Truck
  • Commercial Realtor

The best way to find out if a vehicle wrap or graphic is right for you is to contact us right away. Let us help design the wrap that best fits your logo, messaging, colors and general aesthetic.  Don’t worry, we have several options to help find exactly what will work best with your marketing goals.

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