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7 Business Benefits of Using Monument Signs in Kansas City

Are monument signs effective for business owners?  Statistics show 50 percent of new customers choose a business because of outdoor signs. Onsite signs are also equal to 24 full page ads in your local newspaper—and newspaper ads are expensive. In addition, outdoor signs costs approximately $.02 cents per 1,000 views and more consumers see signs than ads on television.  Here are the top seven business benefits of outdoor sign advertising for all business owners in the Kansas City area.

Signs Target All Demographics

If you’re a business owner in or around the Kansas City area, you’ve probably been told it’s essential to target the right market or demographics. Outdoor signs target all demographics. Forget about age, profession, males or females or finding the right advertising for kids—signs reach every demographic.

Cheaper Than Radio Ads

Compared to radio ads that offer no visual marketing, monument signs and the graphics and lettering they contain are visual branding solutions at an affordable price. Radio ads can cost up to $8.00 per 1,000 impressions, a lot more than the cost per impression of monument signs which we already know are only $.02 cents per 1,000 impressions. Radio advertising around your business area can be effective, however, imagine the powerful combination of radio ads and outdoor business signage. A consumer hears your ad and then sees your building sign—now that’s double impact advertising.

More Cost Effective Than Newspaper Ads

Newspaper sales reps offer charts and demographics on the number of people you’ll reach with daily, weekly or monthly ads. The problem is local newspapers don’t offer evergreen advertising or advertising that is constant like an outdoor business sign. Why pay almost $4.00 per 1,000 impressions for an ad in your local newspaper when once the next day’s newspaper comes out, your ad is gone and loses visual branding power?

 They Reach Local Customers More Effectively

According to Brandon Gaille, the CEO of the online marketing company, most of your customers live within five miles of your Kansas City area business. Gaille says, “The average person will see your sign about twice per day, or about sixty times per month.” This means your business sign will draw in the locals more effectively whether they are on a planned shopping trip or what Gaille calls an “impulse trip” and then choose your business over the competitor.


They Add to Your Consistent Advertising Plan

When you plan an advertising campaign it must be consistent. Your website and internet marketing efforts such as using social media should all be similar, colors and graphics and  specifically your corporate logo.  For example, when consumers see your website or Facebook page and then view your business signage, the customer will immediately connect all of your marketing efforts together. Graphics are powerful tools and something consumers remember.

They Amplify Your Message

Consistency in marketing is essential and adding an outdoor sign helps to amplify your marketing message.  Monument signs can be constructed to reveal what you do, what service you offer, or attract your target market.  Consumers immediately know if your business is a professional firm, a real estate company, a restaurant, etc. Whether it’s foot traffic or vehicle traffic, a business sign will strengthen your marketing message.


They Help Consumers Find You

If you have no signs, a sign in need of repair or a small sign a consumer can’t see your business will be hard to find. Today’s consumers may find you via your website or social media pages but they still need to find your brick and mortar location. A sign placed prominently outside of your business makes it easier to find your company.

Now that you know the business benefits of using monument signs in the Kansas City area, give Pathway Signs and Graphics a call and we can help you complete your business signange today.

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