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5 Ways to Design Banners to Increase Business

5 Ways to Design Banners to Increase Business

 The goal of any advertising piece is to increase response and ultimately business.  A well designed banner should be easy to read and catch the eye of a passerby.  In normal situations a banner will be seen and accepted in a second or less…so your banner will need to make an impression quickly.

1.  Colors  – Highly readable color combinations increase comprehension and response while less well chosen color combinations slow down comprehension and increase the chance of an interested customer to miss the message.  How many times have you driven by a banner and not been able to read the text because the word color or size are not appropriate?


Looking at the above chart what color combinations will make that 1 second impact?

2.  Shape – The shape of a banner and the text graphics should complement each other.  Forcing a lot of text into a narrow vertical sign decreases the ability to read it and you will not be able convey your message and get the response you were wanting.

3.  Keep it simple  – Short one to five word messages work best.  If you do not need a word  take it out. Also products work better than company names.  Remember you have to convey your message concisely, so a short message is better than a lengthy sentence.

4. Space – Use the space and place the message in as large a space as possible. This combined with as few words as possible make the letters larger and more readable.

5.  Mother Nature – If you plan on displaying the sign outside remember to use the wind and sun light.  The sun can make your banner hard to read at certain times of the day and we have all seen the banners that the wind has blown and twisted and you can no longer see the entire banner.  Make sure your banner is installed to factor in the wind.

Even with indoor banners the room lighting can make a difference on how easily the banner can be read.


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