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3 Reasons to Add Wall Murals to your Kansas City Business

wallpaperYou may have noticed a growing trend around the Kansas City area. Whether you have been in a retail shop, dentist, doctor or lawyer’s office, even a restaurant, wall murals are transforming rooms into pieces of art. Local businesses are realizing that wall murals can create a desired ambiance for the given setting: relaxed, happy, cheerful, or professional.  The wanted effect is truly up to the owner’s vision for the room or space.

1 – Setting a frame of mind

Wall murals and art can easily be tied into the type of products or services offered at your place of business. Salon or Day Spa? Utilize expressive images to show happy and relaxed customers. Pictures of serene locations can also help set a specific mood.  Wall murals using photos may not only set a frame mind for your customers but also inspire employees for a truly synergistic workplace. Different types of businesses may also want to create a specific mindset for incoming customers. Commercial Real Estate agencies may use local iconic spots or buildings to deliver the feeling of a city or neighborhood. The possibilities are these types of graphics are endless.

2 – Less frustrating wait times

For many types businesses, wait times for clients or customers are inevitable. While the goal is never have a client waiting too long, having a space that is interesting and dynamic can alleviate some wait-time frustrations. Staring at a blank wall can lead to constant checking of the time, while looking at a relaxing vista or an interesting art graphic can seemingly make time go by a bit faster.  Not only can wall murals and graphics encourage a bit of day dreaming while waiting, it can also calm nerves and add comfort. Certain types of offices, such as a Dentist, may want to alleviate some patients’ anxieties with a calm and relaxing space.

3 – The possibilities are endless

wallpaper2Pathway Signs and Graphics can help you transform dark and small spaces into something bright and open with the right type of graphic on a wall mural. Whether it is your own office space or a waiting room for clients, visuals cues help trick the eye into believing a space is much larger than the square footage may suggest. A room without windows does not need to feel claustrophobic! Offer a little fun with a window graphic opening to a city view or lake vista. Graphics can be tailored for kids too! A Pediatrician or pediatric dentist’s office can be transformed into a jungle or a favorite children’s novel. Sick kids may feel a little better when comforted by Peter Pan or the Cat in the Hat.

Even retail locations can help promote specific products with custom graphics. From comic book stores to outdoor gear, retail spots with featured wall images can influence customer selections and help drive sales.

Not sure exactly how a wall mural or graphic can help transform your space or work with your other interior signage? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you and understand which types of colorful vibrant images can make the desired impact upon your clients.

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