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Do You Need ADA Compliant Signs in your Kansas City Office?

Ever since the 1990s, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has protected the rights of those living with disabilities. While it is common knowledge that public buildings must have doorways wide enough to allow access to visitors in wheelchairs, it is not as commonly known that the rules of the Act also apply to business signage.

If you have questions related to ADA compliant signs Missouri or Kansas officials will accept give Pathway Signs and Graphics a call and we will be happy to help answer your questions. To make sure that our clients have all the information they need, we have devised a question and answer sheet for this occasion.

Q: Where do I need ADA compliant signage in my building?

A: A room that is for the express use of the public must be identified by compliant signage. Any space that must feature emergency wayfinding signage is required to have these signs comply with the Act. Moreover, all room markers that identify permanent spaces – like bathrooms and kitchens – must meet ADA standards. If the use of a room changes frequently or if it is not set up to fulfill today’s function in the near future, there is no need for ADA signage.


Q: What types of signs are acceptable?

A: The state recognizes appropriate markers that make it easier for the disabled to decipher the message you seek to communicate via your signage. To this end, officials suggest the use of signs that feature strong color contrasts, Braille language and larger character sizing. Please note that the mounting heights for signs also determine whether they meet the standards set forth by the Act. While overhead signs do not call for the inclusion of Braille, they do have to follow the size and color requirements.

Q: Does each and every sign have to be compliant?

A: Not necessarily. If you are putting up a temporary sign for less than a week, it does not have to be compliant with the Act. Exemptions also exist for menus, signs that are not in areas open to the public and the displays of company names.

Q: Is it possible to integrate ADA signs for Kansas City,into an already existing signage setup?

A: Yes, it is. Typogaphy, reflective requirements and sizing can be seamlessly integrated into the look and overall feel of your current wayfinding, directory and other interior or exterior markers. The customized shapes of these signs easily fit into other building elements. High-resolution colors beautifully match the same type of coloration that you have chosen for other markers. Pick all-metal construction or brushed metal finishes to match your current setup and also to bring chic or pizzazz to your building’s interior.

Now that you know a little bit more about the ADA and what it means for your business’ signage compliance, do not hesitate to give Pathway Signs and Graphics a call. 3We can get your company’s signs revamped according to the Act in little time. Before long, all of your guests and customers will have the opportunity to enjoy a collection of new signs that are as beautiful as they are functional.

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Start 2015 with Great Vehicle Vinyl Lettering!

There is something special about adding fleet graphics to your marketing lineup. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has studied the phenomenon of moving ad content. The organization reveals that about 30 percent of onlookers based at least one recent buying decision on marketing content they saw while commuting. When you consider that just one fleet vehicle has the potential of generating about 70,000 views in one day, you cannot help but feel the enormity of the opportunity that is knocking.

Whether your business requires a fleet of cars, trucks, vans or cargo vans you can brand your fleet and use the space you have on your vehicles for marketing. Depending on the type of vehicle(s) your business is using you can add stripes that visually help to separate the dimensions of the motor vehicle, the company logo, company name, phone number and web site are great information to add to each of the business vehicles. You can add information to the front doors and repeat the information on the rear portion of the vehicle. As a result, motorists and passersby now always know who is on the job at the construction site.


Would you like this type of graphics package for your vehicle? Consider the following:

  • Customized decal and lettering package.If you are stumped with respect to what should be included in your lettering and graphics, talk to Pathway Signs and Graphics and we will generate ideas and draw them out for you to review. We can help you reduce the information so that only the most important data is added to the automobile.
  • Attractive look that works with your vehicle. Whether you have large truck or an older smaller model, we can work with your vehicle. We adjust the sizing of the display to the size of your truck, work with its lines and adjust graphics seams accordingly.
  • Cost effective.When you brand and market with your work vehicle, you attract attention. When you attract attention, your company’s name recognition goes up. This, in turn, can increase your income. In short, lettering and graphics are a cost-effective means of generating new business.

Of course, there are other options as well. For example, if you want to go beyond the lettering and the decals, you could add a partial wrap to your truck or van. A partial wrap allows you to still display your information like you would with the lettering, but now you also add a colorful display to the sides that makes the vehicle easy to pick out in traffic. The most important design is to make sure you business name, phone number and/or webiste is very visible and easy to read for a passerby.


When you really want to catch attention and change the look of your fleet vehicles, choose a full wrap. The colorful design completely encompasses your vehicle. An optional window perf makes good use of the rear and side windows. This is the setup to pick when you are new to the business or the local business community. Nothing will lead to name recognition faster than an artistically designed and professionally installed full wrap that also features your company’s information. Add some social media icons so that consumers can find you and interact with you on the various platforms.

Call Pathway Signs and Graphics today and we can help you get started on adding great vehicle graphics to your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.  What a great way to start 2015!

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Impress with a New Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign

Making the right impression right away is a must when installing lobby signs for your Kansas City business. As a business owner you want your lobby to express your brand immediately with confidence and while also conveying warmth and compassion. If your company is expanding or moving it could be the perfect time to make sure your interior signage has a modern new look. Make sure you make a great impression with a new dimensional letter lobby sign.

At Pathway Signs and Graphics we produced multiple proofs with different materials and fabrication methods to give you the opportunity to choose exactly the right look for your existing or new office.

It All Begins with a Site Survey

We visit your office and take in the atmosphere of your setting. Even if the office is not yet finished, we can get an idea of the setup of the lobby, the choice of wall colors and the combination of furniture and fabrics. This helps us to present you with ideas that take the unique qualities of your location into account.

Sketches Offer Visual Choices

Would you prefer a dimensional letter sign? Do you wish for a wall mural? Perhaps you would like a sign that is mounted to an acrylic board? Give us feedback so that we know when we are on the right track for the signage that appeals to you and your business the most.

Material Selection Comes Next

Metal or acrylic laminate, foam or plastic are all good choices. Depending on the nature of your business, you might think about something that is a bit more extraordinary. Examples include markers made from wood, stone or glass. This is also a good time to consider the use of unusual signage-making techniques such as routing. Now is also the time to select the colors and decide whether the finishing coat should be matte or glossy. When you have made your selections, we will manufacture your customized lobby sign.

Installation Pulls it All Together

Our installers will visit your location and put up your new lobby sign. We ensure that is the installation is according to your specifications.

Aren’t you ready for a new, refreshing look to your lobby with a new dimensional sign for your lobby. Give Pathway Signs and Graphics a call today to get started!

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Interior Signage for Your Kansas City Office Building

Do you manage a Kansas City area or rent an office suite inside an office building? Adding interior directional signage for Kansas City customers, clients, patients, associates or business partners to enjoy is a good choice when aiming to make their experiences at your building positive and hassle-free.

There are three basic reasons why you should carefully consider the addition of these markers:

  1. Allow visitors to your office location the ability to find their way around with the assistance of wayfinding signage throughout the office.  It is always an option to provide a staffed reception or lobby area, but not necessary with the proper wayfinding signage.
  2. Colors, shapes and typefaces of logos greatly underscore the brand identity of your management company or business. Adding the right type of signage introduces and reinforces your brand visually..
  3. Using a well-designed combination of maps and markers in the building will make a great impression on your visitors.  Proper signage makes this possible.

Other great ideas for your interior business signs are:

  • Frames – Choose framed signage for room or office markers. When the usage of the room changes or the office’s occupant moves to a different location, you can take the inserted paper or plastic and re-use it at the other location. As you put the space back to use, you have the option to immediately add occupant or room use info easily. Since the frames remain in place, there is a minimum of damage to walls due to mounting and re-mounting of signs.
  • ADA lens covers – Since compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act is mandatory for building owners, it is a good choice to add ADA lens covers to all signs that you currently display. While there are a few exceptions to the mandatory requirements, they do not usually cover long-term wayfinding makers.

  • A directory lists occupants of a building or office suite in alphabetical order or in order of the assigned room (suite) numbers. These directories are excellent for display near elevators and stairs, which is usually where visitors to a building will initially look for occupant information. Consider the purchase of a directory with more slots than you need. This gives you plenty of space to display multiple listings for one suite or company.
  • Amenity signs.Help visitors to your building find the restrooms, pay phones and other amenities. Mount signs from the ceiling or wall, which makes them easy to see from both directions of a hallway.
  • Freestanding pylons.A freestanding directory that allows you to highlight the location of suites or service areas is a good solution when you operate an intricate office complex or medical services building. With a large property that is spread out , the elevator directory is only somewhat useful. A great idea is to add freestanding pylons at a number of junctions to help visitors find the right direction.  Use markers on the arrows to highlight and reinforce the correct direction.

Do all the options for interior directional signage seem overwhelming?  Contact Pathway Signs and Graphics and we will gladly come out for a site evaluation and pinpoint possible areas where wayfinding markers and interior signage options will make a huge difference.

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Good Shepherd United Methodist Church Interior Signage

Good Shepherd UMC at the corner of North Oak and 96th Street in the Kansas City North area has decided to use many different signage options to help communicate with the congregation. Each year there is a new themed banner at the exterior entrance of the church to remind everyone of the year’s theme. The Lobby area also has many banners to help communicate direction or the three core values of worship, serve and belong.

What Do These Banners Say?

Usage of themed banners is common in Kansas City. Many holidays or special themed banners have found uses in Christian churches, Christian charities and organizations affiliated with the Christian faith, shopping malls and parks as well as recreational facilities.

There are two distinct directions to go with respect to the messages on the banners. In a lobby setting you can use banners to relay important messages to the congregation or help direct the congregation or visitors to different areas in the church. For a great looking indoor banner you can use a banner stand to make a more permanent display and the banner will be vertical.

Why Banner Signs?

  • Indoor hanging banners. These signs are excellent for welcoming shoppers or members of a faith community. Capitalizing on the setting-appropriate message of the season, display the markers prominently in a foyer or retail setting.
  • Outdoor hanging banners. Use these markers to encourage passersby to stop in. Churches display the times and dates of special services dedicated to the season. Stores and service providers may post the availability of themed merchandise and other products.
  • Window banners. When you do not want to place vinyl lettering and decals on your windowpanes, add banners to the windows. Depending on the size you choose, these signs can cover the entire front of the façade.

Picking Out the Banners for Your Venue

Who says that you are limited in your choice?  Kansas City venue owners and managers may pick out one style of banner or mix and match different styles for a heightened effect. When you go with the trade show banner stands, you get displays that you can easily move around or take on the road if needed. Use retractable banner stands in your place of business or at an exhibition. Faith communities who frequently engage in public outreach events appreciate the ease with which these stands transport and set up.

Flag-style banners easily attach to your building and generate quite a bit of interest. Since they are so easy to see by motorists as well as pedestrians, they succeed at getting more visitors into your venue. Setups that are more traditional rely on grommets or pole pockets for display. Pathway Signs and Graphics can help with many great ideas for your specific venue and need. We can get you set up with your very own banners that relay your message.

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What Are the Different Types of Banner Stands for Trade Shows?

At Pathway Signs and Graphics, we work with many businesses that exhibit at trade shows. Trade show attendance for business and consumer shows is up from last year. The Convention Industry Council (CIC), last year alone there were 1.8 million “corporate and business meetings, trade shows, conventions” and other events that offered a stage for retailers and professional service providers to introduce products and show off support services.

With so many opportunities to display what makes your business great, it is crucial that you have exactly the right trade show displays and hardware for your displays. To make the biggest impact at any trade show you need to understand the size of the venues and the number of exhibitors because you will need different trade show banner stands for smaller venues than you might choose for the occasions where you are in an football field size hall with 500 other exhibitors. Size matters to make the best impression!


What are the best Kansas City banner stands that offer the best quality for a great price?

Adjustable size. There is little value in having a stand that you cannot adjust. Pick one that features a telescopic pole, adjustable feet and other adjustment options so that your graphic height can be between 29 inches and 83 inches. Other stands offer you a range from 68 inches to 122 inches.

  • Width Options: It is a common mistake to only have banners in one size. If you have a full booth display, you can really make your visuals pop with displays in different widths. Stands range from about 31 inches in width to 59 inches.
  • Optional accessories.The banner stand will hold your.  You will have spent a good bit of time dreaming up just the right shape, color and typeface. Does it not make sense to give your display some extra power? While you want to connect with each individual trade show attendee, you know that some you will not be able to reach everyone before they move on. This is where an optional literature pocket and tabletop come in handy. Insert smartly printed brochures that highlight your exhibit. Offer a flat writing surface for folks who want to leave a business card in a raffle jar.

There are design considerations as well. For example, the majority of banner stands accommodate a top to bottom banner. If you are exhibiting your company in very small venues, these displays may be too big. Opting for a 31.5-inch wide display with a 44-inch height and three literature pockets is certainly more functional. If you want to be confident that there is little or no slack in your banner display, pick a spring back design that holds your banner like a sail.

When your banner stand needs to double as a backdrop holder, choose a modular display system that can be interconnected with other pieces to form a suitably large background display. Invest in a system that comes with hook-ups for floodlights, which makes your graphics stand out even more. Remember: you can never rely on the lighting provided by the venue. Always plan on bringing your own lights and on having stands that are set up to hold them.

All this sounds like a tall order, but it really does not have to be complicated. Pathway Signs and Graphics can provide great information on trade show displays, the types of banner stands that are currently hot and the kinds of digital graphics that work perfectly with them. We can get you set up with a basic or advanced trade show arrangement that is easy to put up and take down in a matter of minutes. When you are ready to stand out from the competition, we are here to help you make it happen.

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How to use your Kansas City Lobby Signs as a Powerful Branding Tool

Your company name and logo shape the impression that your business makes on the public and you have spent hours in designing the best look. Will you come across as traditional, trustworthy, economical, innovate or as something else? Lobby signs for Kansas City businesses function in much the same way.

Pathway Signs and Graphics uses your typeface and logo that you have created and used in your exterior signage and brings the same look inside.

Material Usage Underscores the Desired Impression

This is your moment to market to visiting clients or those who are evaluating your business for a possible professional relationship. Metal conveys the message of longevity of your company and wood highlights its commitment to values. Flat acrylics highlight the innovative nature of your business. Formed plastic and foam showcase artistic qualities.

Color Choice Equals Leadership in Your Industry

When you are willing to have a lobby sign that catches attention you immediately identify yourself as a Kansas City business leader who is unafraid to take a risk. Another great attention getting lobby sign is layering acrylics and dimensional lettering with proper illumination are two ways to communicate your brand to consumers.

Customization Supports Branding

Building name and brand awareness are the main goals of proper signage, and your lobby sign is no exception. Placing the letters and an angle and installing lighting fixtures to use light and shadows is one aspect of customization at the point of install. Choosing unique colors and creating a mix of matte and glossy finishes on the sign is an example of customization at manufacturing. There are so many different ways of making your Kansas City lobby sign stand out and unique! The sign, which nobody else can hang into their business offices, brands your company.

Once you have chosen the right look, consider your display choices. Do you want to paint the wall where you intend to hang the lobby sign or do you want to wallpaper it? Perhaps you decide that a wall mural makes will complete your visual branding in the lobby area. The combination of signage and murals can be a powerful one, particularly when you have the mural customized to include your branding and marketing message. There are quite a few entrepreneurs who are choosing to combine the look of a symbol with a logo for a mural. When this mural serves as the backdrop for the lobby sign, you have one of the most powerful branding tool combinations that you can place into your space.

There are many choices to customize your lobby with your visual branding solutions. At Pathway Signs and Graphics we help our clients to think through the message that they want to send to the consumer first before choosing materials or finishes. We will help your business determine the best method for communicating your message effectively. When you are ready to create or upgrade your lobby with excellent branding, call us; or click below for a free quote!


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Royal Blue and the Importance of Color for all your Business Signage in Kansas City

Blue is the color of the American League Chamption Kansas City Royals. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Have you ever wondered why so many sports teams use blue? 33% of MLB teams have a red and blue (navy or royal) color scheme. Baseball is a very old and traditional game, so the standard patriotic color schemes seem to make sense.

The Kansas City Royals have had many different uniform designs over the years, but the color scheme has remained constant. The first 1969 Royals road uniform was gray in color with the word “Kansas City” in blue letters across the chest underlined by the “swoosh”. The “swoosh” was introduced to baseball by the 1932 Cubs and has been worn by many teams since then. The Royals uniforms have been “updated” through the years to keep them current and your business logo and business signage needs to be reviewed and updated also.

The Meaning of Color

Yellow – Optomistic and youthful. Often used to grab attention of window shoppers.

Red – Energy. Creates urgency and is often used with clearance items.

Blue – Trust and security. Often used with big corporations and used frequently with banks and

Green – Wealth or Environment. The easiest color for the eyes to process and used in stores to relax.

Orange – Aggressive. Creates a call to action.

Pink – Romantic and feminine. Used to market products to women and young girls.

Black – Powerful and sleek. Used to market luxury products.

Purple – Soothing and calming. Often seen in beauty and anti-aging products.

Custom Business Signs Help to Reach your Target Market

Target marketing. Customize your sign to appeal to a target demographic. Use color to make the impression you want.

High visibility. A banner with lots of information is a great marketing device when there is plenty of foot traffic passing by your location. To promote clearance items you could use Red or use Yellow to grab the consumers attention.

Elicit a response. What emotion or response do you want your sign to create? You need to understand the effect of color on consumers. Sure, you want the passerby to come into your store or business. But aside from the obvious, what do you want them to think and feel? Is it curiosity? Use your customized sign to set the stage for what the would-be customer finds on the inside of your store.


Custom business signs also help with building your brand awareness when they are strictly on the inside. Use the colors, fonts and symbols to encourage those customers already in your Kansas City area store or office to remember you as the best solution for your customers’ service or product. Never miss out on another marketing opportunity by creating customized signage and use color to underline your message.



Call Pathway Signs and Graphics today for all of your visual branding needs for all your business signage.


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Make Sure Your Medical Office Signage is Up-to-Date in Kansas City

Medical office signage for Kansas City physicians, clinics and hospitals fulfills a three-fold purpose.

  1. Support Independence.Patients who already feel a bit uneasy about their doctor’s visit may feel even more intimidated if they have to ask for assistance to find basic amenities as the bathroom, locating the parking validation stamp or paying a bill.
  2. Front Office Personnel Time. Instead of answering common questions repeatedly use signs that communicate this standard policy information for patients and clients to see. This allows your receptionist and other front office personnel to effectively process incoming patients and also work with those calling on the phone.
  3. Notify Clients. What do you need your patients to know about? Patient rights and HIPPA signs are among the markers that should hang in every doctor’s office.

When you want to bring your Kansas City office signage up to date, what are your options?

  • Properly identify restrooms, examining room numbers, and the names and room numbers of various specialty venues. When you offer on-site x-rays and lab work, it is a good idea to mark these rooms clearly to avoid accidental walk-ins.
  • Let your patients know that they need to silence or turn off their cell phones. It is a good idea to employ a sliding sign that identifies in-use and unoccupied rooms. Hang a warning sign in your x-ray room to alert those who may have a health condition that makes them unsuited for this type of examination to immediately notify the technicians.

Let your patients know where they should park (or not park) and avoid any conflicts with adjacent business owners. If you offer disposable or recyclable gowns, inform your patients how to dispose of them. Hang these signs above the collection cans. Remind patients to sign in and let the receptionists know when they change insurance providers or if the insurer has issued new cards. These are great signs to hang in the waiting room.

All markers should be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which governs the use of colors, contrast and Braille. Moreover, try to combine symbols as well as the written word to help those where English might not be their first language to understand what you are asking. By the way, most of these medical office signage suggestions are not just for medical offices but are also important to veterinary offices.

When dealing with four-legged patients, it is always a good idea to let their owners know about payment policies, drop-off and pick-up times as well as boarding policies. If all of this sounds rather complicated and involved, contact Pathway Signs and Graphics and we will be glad to help you think through your signage needs and manufacture attractive markers that feature an appealing look and work well with your office’s interior décor. After all, good-looking signs are important parts of the your professional visual branding needs for your medical office projects.

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Make sure your Construction Project Site has the Right Signage in Kansas City

Construction site signs in Kansas City are not just a good idea to have but are required by the law. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) identifies certain types of signs as being “critical to the safety of the construction workers.” Accident prevention signs are mandated but signage that keep visitors and other professionals out of harms way are a needed on the construction site. People are naturally curious so a construction zone is always a perfect marketing opportunity.

So what are the site and general contractor signs for Kansas City construction projects that you should have on hand?

  • Danger and caution signs. These are the red on white and black on yellow signs that you see at all construction sites. Having a good supply of these signs on hand lets you set up a variety of work zones on the same site. Work gets done more quickly and you observe all legal requirements associated with the job.consructionzone
  • Barricades. Prevent unauthorized access to the construction site with barricades. These obstructions make it clear that there is no access for motorists.
  • Parking and traffic regulating signs. Organize the parking of workers, contractors and heavy machinery. Route the delivery of materials and the area for construction vehicles.
  • Safety instruction signs. Posted safety instruction signs in area where you need to include a message instruction an action. Some great examples are No Smoking or Storage of Tool instructions.
  • Fence markers. Hang your information onto the construction fence to identify the name of your general contracting firm. The fence company also advertises its company and products using fence markers. The architect may also look the fence as the fastener for signage.

  • Wayfinding signage. Help visitors to the construction site find their way around easier. Wayfinding signs help workers that are new to the site get started on their tasks quickly and can get them completed their work before other trades can come in. If these workers have to spend a lot of time figuring out where the different aspects of the building are – and where they are supposed to run their wires or install their pipes – you lose time. Wayfinding markers make it easier on newcomers to get started right away.

By the way, do not forget to also have a supply of sign paddles on hand. While working on the site, you may have to designate a flagman who helps large machinery to get situated on site or directs traffic in front of the project area as machinery enters or exits the site.  Customized safety and caution tags help to prevent the accidental use of defective machinery or tools that are in need of tune-ups. Simply attach these tags to the tool or machinery and alert workers that they are off limits.

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